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What is "Living Clay”?
Living clay is a very unique type of clay associated with biological life. It possesses some amazing qualities including the ability to undergo chemical changes, both absorb and adsorb (release) substances, and interact with its surrounding environment. Plus it contains a range of micronutrients and micro-organisms. Living clay has been linked to the origin and evolution of life, as it retains information, exhibits self-organization, and interacts with organic molecules.
5 things to share...vol #1

I've been wanting to "hatch" this email series for 4yrs. Today, I accidentally stumbled across this draft I made way back in March 2021, and thinking it wasn't good enough, stalled. So for all of us perfectionists let's remember Voltaire's quote as we strive for excellence — "Perfection if the enemy of good."

5 smart ways to manage dry skin – instead of just slathering on lotion
We’ve all experienced the itching, irritation, and inflammation of dry skin. It’s a common condition due partly to environmental factors that can be hard to control like cold or dry weather, indoor heating and low humidity, or desert climates. But there are many contributing factors we can influence to keep our skin in its natural supple, elastic state.