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Easy and simple

I really love just having this one bar in my shower. I don't like clutter or things everywhere so I appreciate how simple my shower is now without all the bottles I used to have.

Skin fuel

Great product! Using it a few times every day!

Good addition to product line

I have another fulvic mineral supplement and this feels superior. Can't really explain it, but there you go. I'm not sure what it does for me but sense it's a good addition to any daily regimen. I use the toothpaste and skin fuel daily also. Hoping to see and feel results like other reviewers. Only been taking for a week just 3 drops so I'll up the dose.

Love the Dry Brush!

I've always enjoyed a dry brush during massage treatments and have now picked up the habit at home. I use the dry brush about every two weeks and right before I shower - it exfoliates my skin, gets my blood moving, and after the shower I feel like my skin is renewed!

I didn't know I needed this!

I never heard about tongue cleaners until I started using Akamai's other products and was introduced to it. I thought brushing my teeth and a quick brush on my tongue was enough - until now. This cleaner takes off a superficial film on my tongue and it feels like I detox my tongue from foods and beverages (coffee, especially) that day. I brush, floss, then swipe the front and sides of my tongue with the cleaner. Great product and highly recommend.


Akamai ESSENTIALS Starter Kit

Great formula

I love this product. I use it daily and felt a difference in my overall health. Thanks!

My nails have never been stronger

I am about a month in taking this and have noticed that my nails are super strong. I have always had weak nails that broke once they got just above my fingers but the last week or so I’ve noticed my nails are strong and look great. I can’t imagine not taking this.


When I started using this toothpaste my teeth were becoming translucent. After only a couple weeks it has improved dramatically!! I’m now on my second tube. I love it!!

The best ever

I started using the Akamai toothpaste about 2 weeks ago and absolutely love it. It doesn't foam, has a good taste and I love the fact that when I wake up I don't have that nasty "morning film" all over my teeth. I already sent one to my sister-in-law she also loves it. A+



Akamai Toothpaste

I love this toothpaste. It's everything you stated and more.
I E-mailed you already to find out if you have a travel size toothpaste. I don't want my regular toothpaste confiscated when I travel. Please let me know. Thanks.

Best Toothpaste

I used to make my own toothpaste and now will only buy this toothpaste.


While the toothpaste flavor takes some getting used to, I LOVE what it does for my teeth and gums! They are so clean and fresh! I’ll never go back to conventional toothpaste! Thank you for this awesome product!

Best toothpaste I've ever used

I've tried a LOT of different toothpastes, from the standard Crest to almost every single natural paste and powder available. I've even made my own, but nothing compares to how much I love this toothpaste.

Not only does it leave my teeth feeling super clean, I also feel like they are whiter that they were before I started using it (not something I expected!)

If you're new to the natural toothpaste game, getting used to the lack of foam and slightly less sweet taste may be an adjustment, but after a short period of time you'll fall in love too.

My husband says he feels like he doesn't wake up with morning breath like he used to after starting to use this tooth paste.

Definitely give this a try, you won't be disappointed.


Akamai 3 in 1 BAR

Very nice

It took me since getting used to. It had a strong clover taste. However, I like what I see from my teeth so far as in whitening a d strengthening. I will definitely buy again!

Akamai 3in1 bar

I use only this to clean my face and it feels like I’m giving myself the best part of a facial! So clean and fresh and non-drying!


I love this toothpaste. In fact, I am addicted to it. I had been without it for a couple of months since it was out of stock and had to use another toothpaste. It was so sweet I couldn't stand it. The Akamai toothpaste is so refreshing. I hope it never goes out of stock again!

Our new staple

We are trying to avoid the use of plastic, Akamai makes this easy. Goodbye dry skin. We love the soap!


My dentist recommended Akamai mineral toothpaste to me, and I love it. My teeth have never felt so clean, and are getting whiter. I also LOVE the skin fuel.


Best toothpaste ever!

So good!!!

Love this toothpaste so much! Please consider making a travel size.



Great products!

Love the soap and skin fuel. I cannot use run of the mill toothpaste any longer.
Thank you!