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Best Tongue Cleaner Ever

I have used tongue cleaners for years. This is the best I have ever used. So happy I bought.

Great product !

My go to product. It is basic nourishment for the skin and staple in my skin health routine.

Seems to do the trick

I can’t positively tell if it’s doing great things for my (sensitive) skin, but it’s certainly not doing anything negative! I like the fact it hasn’t got the usual crap in it like all modern moisturizers these days - that’s a tangible and psychological benefit right off the bat.

Amazingly multi-use!

What’s unique about Akamai’s fulvic mineral complex is that it is multi-use. While I sometimes take it internally, I have found that it’s an awesome addition to my skincare routine. As a weekly ritual I apply clay masks to my face to detox. I thought that using a few drops of fulvic minerals would enhance the clay mask by adding more nutrients. I mixed about one-two drops of the fulvic minerals with about a teaspoon of a clay mask mixture and applied it to my face. I left it on for about 15 minutes and after I rinsed it off, my face felt so clean but not overly dried out. This can be a wonderful natural alternative to harsh acid masks. The fulvic mineral complex will definitely be part of my natural skincare routine - I may even try mixing a few drops with filtered water in a spray bottle to use to as a toner and/or makeup setting spray!

Perfect Soap

The bar does not have perfume smells and does not dry out my skin or hair.

Good product

Enjoying so far. Have only been taking for a little bit.

Your skin is gonna love you!

This product is truly amazing - even my 'lotion phobic' husband will use it :)
No greasy film, no obnoxious perfumes and it really makes your skin feel smooth.

Great product

Love these little bars of soap. They last forever and a really gentle on all types of skin.

Better than others we've tried

We use a Dr. Tongue scraper that has a metal blade but has glued-on rubber handles. It was not easy to find it either (after our old one broke from the rubber just falling apart). I like the all-stainless steel version that you came out with!

It rocks, just ask my wife!

She says I'm much more kissable these days. Two thumbs up.



An Absolute Game Changer!

I wasn't even aware of the crud on my tongue (always brushed it before) until using this tongue cleaner. The difference in my breath, the feel of my mouth, and the joy of not having whatever that film is just living on my tongue all day is such a gift. I've also read a few books for overall digestive health and detoxing and tongue cleaning rituals are always a necessity. I use this twice a day with Akamai's Mineral Toothpaste and I'm HOOKED! Awesome product and love that it'll last years to come.


I am enjoying SKIN FUEL. Sometimes I use it twice a day just because it absorbs so nicely and makes my skin feel soft.

Highest Quality, Ergonomic Design

Really high quality with a thoughtful ergonomic design. I have used several tongue cleaners over the years and this one is the best I have tried. Quality counts with a tool like this since it will last for years and years. I had a Dr. Tung's Tongue Scaper but the spot where the rubber handles meet the metal started splitting. Decided to buy this one due to 100% SS design. It has some heft to it and I assume it will last for years and years. Every time I use it and remove the gross, smelly coating from my tongue, I am reminded of what a great simple tool it is for managing bad breath.

Smooth and Sturdy

Smooth and sturdy - some of the major pros to using this tongue cleaner. I am new to the tongue cleaning game, and have noticed the benefits right after the first use. I felt a new level of oral cleanliness from simply removing the coating from my tongue. I appreciate that this tool is made from stainless steel because it is durable, provides a comfortable experience, and is super easy to clean after each use (just rinse it off!). This tool makes the process of tongue cleaning seamless and easy to incorporate into an oral care routine. I’m glad I can invest in a simple, high-quality product that will last me for years to come.



I have been taking fulvic acid for yrs this is the best I have found

At the prompting of my dentist, I started taking fulvic acid a few years back. He recommended it for helping to strengthen teeth and for overall health and wellbeing. He also clarified that yes your body can indeed remineralize your teeth IF you have the minerals in your diet. The fulvic acid then helps draw the minerals into the teeth up through the roots. He also reminded me that teeth are living and have roots and fluid that travels through them. That was 4 yrs ago. No new cavities and one small one I did have is gone. Fascinating and made me a believer. I have noticed I rarely get sick anymore and while I was showing signs of testosterone decreasing that is no longer the case. I think rationally, as do the healthcare professionals I work with and we all believe in science. We need trace minerals and as a species, we evolved with them present but now they are largely missing in our depleted soils and modified foods. Plus the power of fulvic acid to affect all of you cells make taking it a no-brainer. I will happily take fulvic acid for the rest life as a cheap investment in my health. After doing a little research and then using Akamai's fulvic acid I have found it to be the most potent, pure and cost-effective around. Taste is fine too (hints of a maple syrup like flavor) not unpleasant at all. The trace mineral I used to take was rough to drink and found out it had high levels of iron - not sure why. This is one simple and balanced. Thank you Akamai for doing your research and providing another great product!

I'm in!

Especially loved the toothpaste, gave some to my daughter and now she buys it too! Also the soap is wonderful and the body oil feels great!


Love the 3 in 1 bar, great soap, great shaving cream!

Great daily addition

After conducting recent research on the benefits of fulvic minerals and trying this product, I am absolutely sold. I wouldn't buy from anyone else, the undiluted and non-chemically altered list of ingredients solidifies my happiness with this product.

Better Endurance

I have really enjoyed Akamai Basic's products and was intrigued when I was introduced to the fulvic acid complex. I initially started taking four drops in water and have gradually increased the number of drops and place them in my morning protein shakes (in water alone it has a metallic taste from the minerals). When I take fulvic acid, I feel as though I have sustained energy throughout the day. Without it, I will have energy until about 3pm then I start to feel lethargic. This is a great product and I have actually convinced my parents and roommate to start taking it as well!


Akamai ESSENTIALS Starter Kit

Ladies, listen up...

BAM, fricken, BAM...
Been using the skin fuel for about a year now... body, hair, love the way it goes on like an oil and disappears into my skin in minutes. Anyway, headed to the beach so had the Cookie cleaned up (I wax on a pretty consistent schedule). Well, as is often the case things got a little “sensitive to the touch...”

I thought “can’t hurt” so applied Skin Fuel as an elixir for what ailed my cookie... like sunshine on a flower... BAM. Love that stuff!! My boyfriend says you need to offer it in a larger bottle...

One week in with fulvic acid

As suggested, I started with five drops and added one every day until I reached the 10. By the third day I was feeling a distinct energy boost and my appetite began increasing as well.

On the eighth day, I slept through the entire night, which is not something I can recall happening in many, many years (I am 48). Probably happened last before I had kids.

I also like that there is no alcohol. That was always a turnoff with other supplements in terms of displeasure in downing it. To me, this almost tastes neutral and that's a good thing from my perspective.

Energy Boost

After only a short period of use, I can feel a boost in my energy and mental clarity! (Just in time for final exams). Fulvic minerals are quickly becoming a part of my morning routine in order to start my day off feeling energized, healthy, and clear. The taste was a bit odd at first, but I have gotten used to it - and it definitely helps to simply add it to a cup of tea or a morning smoothie!

Hi Josh! Thank you for your review. We recommend drinking the fulvic minerals with a big squeeze of lemon or lime (lime is really good for detoxing the liver) to improve the flavor and add to the detoxifying and alkalizing effects. Enjoy!