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Love it!

It took a little getting used to, but I love this toothpaste! My mouth has never felt so clean!

Highly Recommend!

I am loving this toothpaste! It has a nice, kind of spicy, and very refreshing taste. A very small amount leaves my teeth and whole mouth feeling absolutely clean! I was looking for a non toxic, mineral toothpaste and I am very pleased. Other toothpastes cannot compare to how this cleans! It is quite different if you're used to using common toothpaste brands, but it doesn't take more than one time using it to feel the difference in how it works. And bonus: you're keeping harmful toxins out of your body! I am looking forward to continuing to use this toothpaste!


I'm on my first kit, but have been so impressed by each of the products. My teeth and mouth feel so clean, my skin feels nourished, and my hair is shiny. The best part is that my wallet is definitely fatter because I've been able to ditch quite a few products that I thought I needed. I'm a fan!

Great product!

We love the new toothpaste! My teeth feel so clean and breath seems fresher. We’ve also noticed decreased sensitivity.

Akamai ESSENTIALS Starter Kit

Good Stuff

I have only been using this toothpaste for a week, but I can tell a difference. My teeth are more white and they feel stronger. Plus my breath stays fresh longer.

Love it..

Like that the toothpaste doesn’t foam. I also add a drop of
Grapefruit Seed Extract to keep my gums healthy..

Too soon to tell

I just received this toothpaste so I really am unable to give it a proper review. However , I didn't have to get use to the taste because it was great right from the start. I don't miss the all the foam. And I am looking forward to great results.


Excellent recipe for best smile. Just a dab will work perfectly

This Toothpaste, OH. MY. GOSH. It's the BEST!!!

This toothpaste is a must!! Since I've been using Akamai mineral toothpaste, all of my tooth sensitivities to hot and cold foods are completely gone!! I used to always cringe at the thought of biting into hot food or chewing on the cold, hard candy pieces in my ice cream. Not anymore!! I eat it all, seriously! It also makes my teeth feel so nice and smooth; no more of that icky, filmy feeling I used to have on my teeth. Whatever they are doing, they need to keep doing forever, because Akamai has totally won over a lifetime customer in me!!!


Self care for my teeth

Tooth paste feels like a facial for my teeth. My teeth feel much smoother/very clean after brushing. I wish I’ve been using this a while back. It does seem to stick to my tongue and sometimes feels a little gritty after brushing. Overall, I really like it. I’m hoping to see some improvements on my overall oral health but it’s only been two weeks so no major reports yet.

Love it!!!!

Perfect amount of clove for a nice flavor and slight tingle. After 1 use I could tell a difference in plaque build up being removed. Love it!

Took some adjusting

They were right in saying it would take about 2 weeks to get used to. It's very clove-y and doesn't foam at all. It feels as though you're brushing with just water, but afterwards your mouth feels very clean and fresh. My teeth are even getting whiter and less sensitive!

Mineral Toothpaste

Taste terrible.

Best Natural Toothpaste

Of all the non-foaming, clay based, natural-type toothpastes I’ve tried, this is the best. A small amount is plenty, and unlike others of this type it spreads around in my mouth and leaves me feeling clean. With other brands, I end up using a large amount trying to get it spread all over my teeth.

Akamai 3 in 1 BAR


I am liking this toothpaste. My teeth like it. The color looks to be coming back into my teeth- they were beginning to look transparent before. My gums are happier too. I am a satisfied customer.

Best skin-care products, ever

My partner turned me on to these products. She said they were the best. She was NOT wrong! Easy to use, all natural, and very effective. I went from using separate fave wash, shampoo, conditioner, aftershave, and, body lotion, to just the 3 in 1 Bar and Skin Fuel. Less is definitely more. We love the toothpaste as well!

Easy and simple

I really love just having this one bar in my shower. I don't like clutter or things everywhere so I appreciate how simple my shower is now without all the bottles I used to have.

Skin fuel

Great product! Using it a few times every day!

Good addition to product line

I have another fulvic mineral supplement and this feels superior. Can't really explain it, but there you go. I'm not sure what it does for me but sense it's a good addition to any daily regimen. I use the toothpaste and skin fuel daily also. Hoping to see and feel results like other reviewers. Only been taking for a week just 3 drops so I'll up the dose.

Love the Dry Brush!

I've always enjoyed a dry brush during massage treatments and have now picked up the habit at home. I use the dry brush about every two weeks and right before I shower - it exfoliates my skin, gets my blood moving, and after the shower I feel like my skin is renewed!

I didn't know I needed this!

I never heard about tongue cleaners until I started using Akamai's other products and was introduced to it. I thought brushing my teeth and a quick brush on my tongue was enough - until now. This cleaner takes off a superficial film on my tongue and it feels like I detox my tongue from foods and beverages (coffee, especially) that day. I brush, floss, then swipe the front and sides of my tongue with the cleaner. Great product and highly recommend.