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Dentist was amazed

I’ve held off on submitting a review until after going to my 6 month dental check up. I started using the toothpaste for my regular routine after my last appointment. I have changed nothing about my dental hygiene practices except the kind of toothpaste I use. Yesterday my dental hygienist and dentist couldn’t believe how great my teeth looked. My hygienist even asked me what my routine was and told me to keep it up because my teeth looked so great, and she wasn’t even really going to have to scrape anything off them.
Given that I pretty consistently have okay check ups because I do brush and floss, I was thrilled that by simply switching to the Akamai mineral toothpaste I had an stellar check up that was way less painful!


yes I like it don't brush every day but like it

Mad Love

Akamai Skin Fuel makes my skin feel amazing. I love having one product to wash and moisturize with rather than several bottles and multiple steps. The only drawback is my bangs look a little dirty by the end of the day...I'm guessing due to sitting on my face all day. Maybe I am using too much Skin Fuel or maybe it's a sign I need to grow my bangs out. =) All in all, this product is a winner!

Best Skin Moisturizer I've Ever Used

I'm not a fan of the typical creamy lotions. Skin Fuel is exactly what I need as it goes on super quick. Best skin product I've ever used.

I get good reports from my dentist!

Before Akamai, I was taught from a young age to use Crest/Colgate/chemical-stuff, rinse with Listerine, use a plastic tongue cleaner, and floss regularly. I ALWAYS had something wrong with my teeth at my 6-month checkups. After reading up and changing my thoughts on what truly is a healthy oral care routine, I adopted Akamai's line - ALL of IT - and for three years now (!) I haven't had a single cavity or scare at the dentist's office. So thankful! Now, I also feel I can teach my kids a whole new way of looking at oral health. Thanks, Akamai

Black Floss +++

Liking the way my teeth feel (cleannn) after flossing daily. Thinking my hygienist will notice on my next visit. Give it a try!

Better than you think!

I'm sure it can be said that a toothbrush is a toothbrush is a toothbrush. And you would mostly be right. But there is something about this toothbrush.. the bristles.. the feel of the brush itself.. it really does get under the gums and cleans the teeth in a superior way. I'll be ordering more for sure!

Better for the environment

Smoother than expected. Feels like a normal toothbrush, but like it much more since its so much better for the environment.

Hands-down the best toothbrush I’ve ever used.

I used to use an Oral-B electric brush with the understanding that would be best for my receding gums and cleaning teeth. Then I discovered the Bass designed toothbrush several years ago and have never gone back — along with using Akamai's Mineral toothpaste my gums are now totally healthy -- receding stopped and no more gingivitis.

Akamai has made by far and away the best Bass design toothbrush available. Love the fact it’s made out of bamboo and the head snaps off to compost the handle.

The bristle quality and stiffness is also outstanding. Well done Akamai!!

Love it - small but mighty!

I have to admit I was skeptical before I tried it. It’s smaller and lighter than the typical toothbrush, so looks and feels very different. But when I tried it I was super impressed! My teeth felt cleaner than usual with less effort. It takes a little getting used to the design, but once you do, it’s obvious that the mass market toothbrushes are big and unnecessary - just more of the same - selling us dumb plastic stuff we don’t need.

And, bonus! The head breaks off so you can compost the handle - such a great details. Way to go Akamai! We need more companies thinking like this!

Compostable? Awesome

Love the layout of the bristles in this version of a bamboo brush. I am so happy it can be composted, and appreciate how long it lasts.


Finally, the toothpaste I've been searching for. No sugars, no stevia or any of that stuff. I was about to make my own toothpaste and then found this. It has everything I want plus a bit more. I rather like the taste too.

Wonderfully magnificent!

Akamai Skin fuel is wonderfully dynamic 👍👍

Awesome Brush

Bought a pack of these for me to try. Wow easily hands down the best toothbrush I have used. It feels good in hand and even better on your teeth. Pair this with the Akamai mineral toothpaste and bam .....party in your mouth.


Love it

Love it

Great Natural Alternative

Hard to find a toothpaste that's not filled with chemicals. This natural alternative is something I've been looking for. Excellent product.

Skin Fuel is great

Perfect for dry skin in the winter or anytime



Like a lot!

Love this soap. I have sensitive skin and it’s simple ingredients agree with it. Also as a shampoo it is great - my hair stays soft and no other products are needed after washing.

Disgustingly brilliant actually

I wasn't sure if I’d like this black floss before I ordered because Im used to using silk floss with my sensitive gums but I was willing to give it a try. Then once I got it I was worried it would not only be a bit harsh but also too thick. I was worried for nothing. Not only did it glide smoothly and easily between my teeth but it seemed to do a much more thorough job of it from what I could see and feel. In fact its pretty gross what you CAN see when using it as compared to normal white floss. And seeing everything gives you (just me?) a strange heretofore unknown compulsion to make sure you get EVERYTHING even if it takes a bit longer and that is very gratifying.

New venture with new toothpaste

I like this toothpaste so far. Taste is good, teeth are clean, without all the nasty additives in regular toothpaste.

Works great but the taste....

I love this toothpaste! It has helped w some chronic sensitivity around my bridgework that even water picking didn’t seem to help. However, when they say it tastes great.... well let’s just say that’s very subjective. But, I’ll take performance and great dental health over taste any day!

Best shaving experience ever!

I love the handle, and the razors are very effective.