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Worth the wait! Best floss I have ever used! I floss after every meal. It expands too fill the uneven spaces, really cleans without the uncomfortable cutting feeling. I have some deep pockets between some teeth, and it worked without discomfort. Love Akamai products, value and message!!!

Amazing Floss

I just got my floss yesterday and love it! I am due for a filling and had a toothache. I used the floss, mouthwash and toothpaste last night and my mouth feels calm and clean. No ache! There is no other way to describe it. It’s like a spa in your mouth. I’m definitely sharing this with my dentist.

Love this soap!

I use the Alkamai 3 in 1 bar to shave my legs, wash my hands, wash my face and even used it to shampoo my hair. I love it’s multi purpose and it is not drying to my normal to dry skin!!

Love the toothpaste

Does a very good job of cleaning teeth, noticeable after each use. Taste like fennel, anise etc. Not sure why some users don't like the taste, I presume if you are using fruit or a artificial mint based toothpaste than maybe so.


It's fine

Easy to use.

Making a difference

I love the Tongue Cleaning tool! I have already noticed improvement in my bad breath:)

I am ordering more

I am quite pleased with the soothing benefits to my gums. I don’t mind the taste of the essential oils at all.

Akamai 3 in 1 BAR

Akamai 3 in 1 BAR

The fact that this product is not full of sugars and chemicals is a huge plus.

Amazing and simple to use product. Very well made.

Very good quality with ideal ingredients at a reasonable price.

Love the clean feeling after using Akamai!

Digging it.

Felt like normal floss, but knowing that it’s better for my teeth than regular floss it helps encourage me flossing more. I like that you can barely taste it.

Great Stuff

I definitely love this toothpaste. My teeth and gums feel lots better.

Soft Dry Bush This One Doesn’t Hurt

Absolutely love this dry brush. I was worried it was like the others and hurt. So happy to have found this company. Nice quality but so affordable

Shocked - needed this badly.

I was shocked when I discovered how badly I needed it and how well it got the job done. Afterwards I felt clean and healthy. The subtle taste acts as a reminder to the infused fulvic acid, minerals, and essential oils that make the floss unique and deeply cleansing. It makes me want to floss more!

Love it!

I’ve always hated traditional toothpaste with its sickly sweet, foamy, fake-minty taste. Often I’d use plain baking soda instead. But recently I read an article about how mineral toothpaste can actually help our teeth, so I decided to give this product a try. I can honestly say that I love it. The slightly bitter taste was strange at first, but I quickly got used to it and like it so much better than the fake stuff. I’m a lifelong customer now.

Amazing results

This bar works perfectly on my sensitive skin, and has helped SIGNIFICANTLY with breakouts on my back/shoulders. My father, who was losing his hair due to aging, uses it as his shampoo and claims his hair has not only stopped falling out, but seems to be growing again.... time to start questioning the effects of traditional toxic hygiene products and ditch them for this clean & effective body care line. Thank you Akamai!

Better floss

It’s very good. It does a better job than any other floss I’ve ever used.

My mouth feels very clean, teeth feel smooth.

Excellent product

Excellent product, we both have sensitive skin and this product works very well

Love the brush

Love Akamai products!!

The soap is wonderful and has a great fresh scent! The toothpaste has made my teeth whiter than they’ve been in years, and has a good clove taste!