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The two best personal care products I've ever used.

First off, I f*cking love your toothpaste and soap. The two best personal care products I've ever used. My gums have never been healthier or teeth whiter as an adult. Normal toothpaste now tastes like I'm brushing my teeth with sugar; you can truly taste the difference.

The soap is amazing. As a former Marine with copious amounts of body hair, I'm used to using real caustic soap and stripping the oils from my skin and being super dry. Your soap has taught me how to properly wash myself. Less soap is needed. I also feel CLEAN. I like that it's unscented, that is a prerequisite for me. Oh, for shaving, I now only use your soap.

I rarely use the skin fuel, I don't like to feel oily, never have. But I do like it as an aftershave.

I can't wait to try the other products.

New regiment

Following flossing, now use Oil Pulling Mouthwash, then brushing with Akamai’s Mineral Toothpaste. Mouth feels and smells noticeably clean and odorless. Previously, used baking soda before switching to Akamai.

Akamai Fulvic Mineral Complex

Good stuff.

A Key in the Skin Healing Regime

I began using this in the height of one of my worst episodes of winter eczema. At the time, the skin on my hands and chin were cracked, bleeding, and beyond dry. I had tried prescription creams, OTC creams, and was very close to giving up on a cure. I was introduced to this amazing product & I admit I was skeptical. Eczema is a sign that major changes need to happen from the inside out. I found that Black Balm provided my skin with the healing power my skin desperately needed in conjunction with eliminating caffeine, beginning meditation to help deal with stress, red light therapy, and switching to a raw diet for a month. As for the smell? I don’t mind it; the health of my skin is too important to worry about smell. It took about a month for my skin to be close to normal, but I had a very extreme case of eczema. I recommend this product 100%.

Black balm

Like others have said the smell is interesting however the feel is great. After a week I have noticed that my skin does feel more hydrated.

Seems to be helpiing

I've had some bumps on my neck. Dermatologist has maintained them but this soap actually looks like it's reversing them. I'm totally surprised.

Looks nasty. Works surprisingly.

I have bad tooth decay and cavities. The first thing I noticed was that my gums were building back. Then I noticed the decay under my caps start to go away. Then I noticed cavities healing. Small cavities are healing and the big cavities are getting smaller. I use this twice a day.
The only problem is my kids don't like it as much as I do. Its not as kid friendly but i don't think it needs to be as long as it works. My son with autism has a serious hard time using it.
I love the oil pulling feel and the way it takes away bad breath.
I wish I could do a YouTube review and show results of the product after the 2 week challenge. If I could afford it all I would buy it all. But I can't so I get what I can when I can.
I love this product and advocate by tell my friends about it and my results.

A Health Staple!

This product is a "keep at bay" psoriasis skin condition staple for me. I love how effective it is for itching and it is the only facial product I use for moisturizing! I have my fingers crossed that it will someday be available in Canada :)

I won't go back to regular toothpaste

I'd previously been using Tom's toothpaste the past few years, after trying to "up" my toothpaste game to a healthier option, but after trying this mineral toothpaste, have no desire to go back to traditional minty, ultra foamy toothpaste. This stuff is AMAZING.

There's definitely a comfort curve the first couple of times you put a brown toothpaste onto your brush, that doesn't taste minty and doesn't foam, but it leaves my teeth and mouth feeling so clean and fresh. I'd recommend investing in a tongue scraper (in general) because my tongue does turn a light brown color when I use this paste, but is easily scraped off with a tongue scraper, and those are good for you anyway! I've had to use "traditional" toothpaste a couple times since starting using the mineral toothpaste in November 2018 and my preference has COMPLETELY changed. Now this is my absolute preference.

Simple solution to mineral-depleted foods

I love this product - first thing in the morning, I put the recommended number of drops into a glass of water. Great way to also boost water intake habits for the day, so it is a win-win!

Friend to my dry/acne-prone skin

This balm is in the lighter side, which makes it nice to use on my face, and hydrating enough I can use it on very dry skin and feel good. The deep green color is fun, and it smells like fresh herbal goodness.

Clean and happy

My first sweetener-free toothpaste, and I’ll never go back! Definitely a taste/texture that may take some adjustment (think of getting clay face mask in your mouth, plus clove) but not bad at all, and the feeling of cleanliness and refreshment in my teeth AND gums is worth it. Haven’t necessarily noticed any whitening effects, but enough cannot be said about how overall better my gums feel. Happily signed up for the subscription, I’ve found a keeper!


Love it no sugar plus minerals!

Beautiful simplicity.

The soap and skin fuel not only brought simplicity to my routines, I’m loving the decluttered look in my shower and sink area because I could get rid of so many products.
Thanks for making a great product 🌸

Love everything

Love everything

Soft... but not too soft...

I like the softness of this brush. It doesn't irritate my skin at all. It is firm enough to get the job done, though.

Akamai Dry Brush

Medicine for your mouth

Very high quality. I can’t say enough about Akamai high standards. Great value for an investment in your health. Have tried oil pulling off and on for years. Akamai’s oil pulling liquid is great!!!

Mixed feelings

I really like the texture and what it actually does for my skin. I liked putting it on my face, it was almost like a primer, it made my skin look smooth, and I found I didn’t need to wear much makeup, and I love that! However, the scent is a bit off-putting. I will say that I am very sensitive to scents. I tried to give it some time to get use to the smell, but I wasn’t able to, unfortunately. I plan to let my sister try it and see how it works for her. If you’re not sensitive to scents, then it really is a great product.


The toothpaste seems to be helping, but can't tell for sure. My teeth are not the best so hoping this toothpaste will help. The only problem is that when I use this toothpaste it is gentle enough on my gums. Have no issue with the taste. The only problem I have using this toothpaste is my teeth don't get white enough so sometimes I also use regular toothpaste and change and go back and forth.

Hi Laura! I'm glad the toothpaste is helping. Rather than using another toothpaste try using activated charcoal - you can buy quality Activated Charcoal capsules at the drug store - use 1/2 a capsule sprinkled on your toothbrush on top of a thin layer of Akamai toothpaste - 2x a week.
Love overall but...

Great toothpaste overall, I was not bothered by the taste or texture at all. My only issue is that it leaves my mouth feeling fresh for about 2hrs max and that’s with flossing and drinking plenty of water all day. I want to keep using it but I might have to make a switch.

Hi Latoya! Glad you like the toothpaste. For longer lasting fresh breath we recommend using a tongue cleaner in the morning - it does a great job of removing bacteria that can cause bad breath. The Oil Pulling Mouthwash is great for fresh breath as well. However, if you don't want to add another product to your mix, just put a dab of the Mineral Toothpaste in your mouth whenever you need a boost.
Love this set!

I gifted this set to a friend of mine who was always complimenting my skin and teeth. She really enjoyed it and shared it with her husband who enjoyed it as well. They thought it was the perfect way to explore the power hitters of the line. Bravo!