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Great product

Love this toothpaste. The only downside is it can be messy. But it’s a great quality & makes my mouth look and feel healthier. So it’s worth the mess it makes.


The mineral powder not only remineralizes teeth, it feels the cleanest they have ever felt.

Love the floss

Great floss!

I love it. Keeps my breath fresh and cool. Thank you for the great products.


Love this soap

This is the only bath soap we use in our house now.

Great Stuff!

I noticed my mouth shedding skin after brushing with regular toothpaste. It was literally burning off my lining. So, I did some searching and decided to try Akamai. It did take about 2 weeks to get used to the no-sweet taste, but now, after using it for probably a year or so, I don't notice it and love it. Makes my teeth feel clean and the clove is so nice. I even had a woman ask me how I kept my teeth so white, which tickled me since I use nothing else but the toothpaste.

So Far Amazing Product

I’m on my second bottle and have now subscribed to Fulvic Mineral. I believe it has help lower my A1C levels since my dietary habits haven’t change. Will continue to monitor. Thanks Akamai.

I Like it!

I purchased the tooth powder and floss. I like both products a lot. My teeth feel clean, it tastes good, isn't gritty and doesn't leave an after taste. When I use both the floss and the tooth powder it feels as if I had a cleaning at the dentist's office. It didn't take long to get used to dipping the toothbrush into the powder. I'm glad I tried these products; they are good and I'll buy again.


I really enjoy this product and in fact, it is now the only toothbrush that I will use.

Tongue cleaner works great- I don’t having and gag reflux with it.


Feels great, not scratchy like other brushes

Unlike others I've tried, I actually use this dry brush and bought one for my sister.

THe best

Black Balm

I absolutely love Akamai Black Balm. It feels so great to my skin, and it has such a beautiful calming effect. I use it with Akamai Skin Fuel as well which seems to keep my skin soft all day. Anything I have leftover in my hands, I use on the tips of my hair. What an awesome discovery!

Improved Dental Visits

In general I have:
No cavities
Less tartar and plaque
Less receding of gums
Gum measurements below 3mm with no bleeding
A slowing down of microcavities.
I use Akamai Toothpowder with an electric tooth brush twice daily.


I love it! This really soothes my skin after I shave. This is the second time I purchased this.

Great floss

Great product

Akamai 3 in 1 BAR
Elizabeth W.
Never knew I’d love a bar of soap!

The 3-in-1 bar is perfect in every way. Including that it doesn’t melt, is plain white and an ideal size and shape. Great design and function. You nailed it, Akamai!


So far so good..great taste n my mouth after pulling..

Love the glow

Keeps my skin soft all day and it smells so good! I love it!

Love It!

Very effective and thorough. Unlike waxed floss which simply removes food particles from between teeth, this floss scrubs the surface as well. Its like brushing between my teeth.

oral care kit

I absolutely LOVE the toothpaste and floss. It is by far the best I've ever used. My mouth has never felt so clean. Thank you for such a wonderful product!!!


I love that soap, it's very moisturizing! And I never thought I'd use soap on my hair - I use it to take off the old hair spray and mousse so that my shampoo and conditioner can do it's thing!

My skin feels great