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We have been using your toothpaste and powder for two years now and blown away

My son had developed brown spots on his teeth and cavity between his front teeth. And after using your toothpaste/now powder for a few months, all brown spots gone and cavity between his front teeth stopped growing!!! Just amazing 🙏🏻

I have been recommending your products to everyone 😄

Thank you, thank you, thank you,

The skin on my face does feel better and I plan to continue to use Skin Fuel.


Tastes great and leaves mouth feeling clean and fresh.

liking it

it is easy do and so worth the health benefits.

Love it!

I recently tried the oral care complete kit and within the first time using it, I loved it! As an herbalist and naturalist, I knew I would love the mineral toothpowder but I didn't think I would enjoy it this much!
The metal tongue scraper makes so much more sense then using the toothbrush itself. I can't believe I haven't been using that already!
Since I've worked for a few different dental offices in the past, I was a bit skeptical of the toothbrush. After the first use, my gums and teeth actually felt better and cleaner than after my electric toothbrush.
The oil pulling mouthwash was wonderful. I always loved the thought of oil pulling and I've tried it many times, but have never stuck to it because I don't like coconut or sesame oil on their own. The blend that they use in their oil is very pleasant. I finally have an oil that I will be able to stick with.
The black floss is lovely because it not only allows you to see what's on there but it is infused with Fulvic Acid and essential oils.
I would definitely recommend trying the oral complete kit :)

Love, Love, Love!

I have been using the tooth powder and floss for about a month. I had some crowns that were causing discomfort, as well as thin enamel and cavities. My teeth are feeling so much better and the enamel on my teeth has thickened! My cavities are also fading! I am searching for a biological dentist as I am tired of the conventional dentists. I will continue using Akamai for years to come!

So far...

Seems decent! I don't mind the taste, I actually like it, I don't think it's overpowering whatsoever. The clean it gives me feels efficient if not slightly better than regular toothpaste. It feels as though some of my tooth sensitivities have not been as sensitive the more I use it but that may be a placebo effect. I wouldn't mind buying the floss and the tongue scarped as well. Not sure if you all have a mouthwash, that would be nice too.

Gums need minerals too!

I love knowing these Akamai products are giving my entire body the minerals it needs for true health! From head to toe, gums included!

Great Product

My overall health has improved since I started taking these. As someone with thyroid issues for over 25 years, this has been a game changer. I don’t care for the taste, so I take it in just a bit of water like a shot as someone else recommended. Outstanding product!

Dental floss and bamboo toothbrush

I’ve been using my new toothbrush and black floss for at least a month now. I will never go back to those regular plastic toothbrushes again. The bamboo toothbrush bristles reach in between the teeth and all the back teeth for me . My teeth have never felt so clean. The the thickness of the black floss allows me to really clean my gum line and between my teeth. Using these products together at least twice a day if not more has resulted in my gums no longer bleeding when brushing and flossing. I look forward to hearing what my dentist has to say at my next appointment. I’m on board with products that reduce plastic in our environment. I highly recommend these products!

Best Floss Ever

This is the most effective floss I have ever used.


I have really noticed a difference in my teeth since I have been using the black floss. I like the cleanliness it brings. It is a little thick for those very tight spots but still usable and effective.

Oral care kit

I love the floss. It is strong and feels cleaner than regular floss. The tooth powder takes time to get a handle. I’m not sure about the hydration drops as still using it intermittently. Also love the tongue cleaner that we many times forget to do.

Skin Fuel after a few years

I have been using Skin Fuel, predominantly as a face moisturizer, for a few years now and still love it. My skin feels so soft. My husband has recently began using it as a beard oil and is well pleased. I love that the packaging as advanced from plastic cap to twist turn cap but that the product itself remains amazing and consistent. If you are considering trying the Skin Fuel you definitely should. It works great on face, body, beards & hair.


Our ground has so little minerals left from over-farming and way over-pesticiding. This is a super fair priced, totally sourced, way to get your fulvic minerals. I recommend it all the time. I do a full squirt everyday with warm water and 1 organic lemon juice and a ph adjustor. Best way to start the morn. I buy these 3 at a time. Very thankful you guys provide this for our health!

Love the Skin Fuel!

My goal in buying Skin Fuel is to reduce the number of products I own and use. To that end, it works wonderfully. Perfect for face, hair, beard, and body.

I'm a little disappointed with the pushiness about the other products offered by Akamai. Oil pulling, tongue scraping, flouride free toothpaste -- these are things I don't need, don't want, and frankly appear backed more by superstition than science. I'd prefer not to have these items pitched at me.

My two cents.

Thanks for the fantastic skin product. Will be using it for a long time.

Love Fulvic Mineral

It didnt take me long to get used to the taste. I love what is does for my health. Interestingly I added some to my skin fuel before you did. Then I knew I did the right thing.


I really like this toothpowder. It's my first time trying some so it will take some getting used to. My teeth do feel really clean! Not much flavor which is okay once you get used to it. Looking forward to seeing how this helps my oral health!

Nourishing and refreshing!

Skin Fuel is probably my favorite Akamai product.
I love knowing my skin is getting such clean nourishment, and the rosemary scent is so unique and refreshing. I use it on my entire body after showering, and my face after washing in the morning and before bed.

Love the toothpowder

This is a great clean product. The taste is mild and minty and my teeth feel clean and fresh.

Mineral toothpowder

Really like it. I will buy again.

Works Well

After using the mineral toothpaste, floss and tongue cleaner for a couple months, I've noticed I have less to scrape off in the mornings. It's also reduced the amount of acid reflux problems I have during the early morning hours. I feel this is contributing to my overall health! I highly recommend Akamai products!

Refill 100%

The refill worked great and I'm so glad Akamai continues to make a conscious effort to honor the environment. 

My Trial

I have tried the oral care kit for almost a year and I just had my 6+ month dental checkup/cleaning. I switched to a holistic dentist after 17 years with a traditional dentist because they weren't addressing my receding gums as well as I thought they could have (the recession started in my teens). My routine: I used the tongue scraper (each week at least), the floss (every week or a few times a week), the oil pulling (not very often), toothbrush (only with the mineral powder), but I used the fulvic mineral drops faithfully every day in my 32 oz water bottle. After every tooth's gum line was assessed and given a number, my dentist said there has not been any recession since the last visit. I have ordered another bottle of fulvic minerals and plan to double down on my routine with the rest of the Akamai oral care products.

Amazing product!

I am loving Skin Fuel! It absorbs well and my skin feels great.