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Body Care Complete Kit

Glad to see you all finally make a kit like this. Makes it a heck of a lot easier for me as I tell people about your products and body care / oral care systems. I've been a customer and fan since the beginning -- Keep up the great work and best to you all!! Here's to cutting waste & getting to sensible personal care!


Each one of these products is perfection. I've been using them for years religiously and I am constantly getting compliments on my skin's healthy glow. Pretty excited to gift these kits to friends! Thanks, Akamai for all the clean, cruelty-free body care goodness.


Love it!

Love this stuff! Works wonders on dry skin and hair.

Love the Clean Feeling

I'm very happy with the mineral toothpowder, ordered the refill to fill my vintage-look vanity jar for a beautiful yet functional bathroom display. I love the clean refreshing feeling after brushing with it. Hoping to improve tooth health as well!

Best floss for spaced out teeth!

I really love flossing now with this thick, black floss. I can feel what I am doing and feel confident that I am really getting into those places between the teeth where teeth are not straight or have spaces. Love it. I just bought 4 more.

My mouth feels clean

I was surprised by how clean my mouth feels after using Akamai tooth powder along with the toothbrush. I tipped some of it in a flexible little tub to cover the brush better. I also checked the brushing method they recommend and was pleased to find it it very close to how I already brushed my teeth. Very happy with this purchase!

melody n.
Dry Brush

Great product !

Great product

As advertised, it tastes great & leaves my mouth feeling fresh. I don't know how it'll affect my teeth in the long run, but so far I love it.

Cleans well. Black color can show more plaque

I am pleased with the infused black floss. It is thicker, grabs more foreign matter and I like the idea that a refill is available

Great product

Skin fuel has worked great on my husband's dry scalp issues. No more dandruff! Also I love it as a moisturizer on my face, leaves it soft & is absorbed quickly.

Very healing

I use it regularly on my body after showering, mixed into a body balm with a couple drops of argon oil. It's slightly oily but that sinks into my skin within a half hour. My skin is really healing and becoming smooth and soft after being dry, scaly and rough from years of sun damage and neglect. Thank you Akamai for your wonderful, simple products!

Not My Favorite Smell But is GREAT for My Skin

Not My Favorite Smell But is GREAT for My Skin

Excellent Denist Appointments

I have been using Akamai Tooth Powder and have excellent dentist appointments

Love it!

It is the best tooth powder I have ever tried. Will continue to purchase.

Dental good news

I’ve been using the black floss and the tooth powder for almost a year. Great products and the dentist told me I can switch from three checkups a year to two. That saves me a lot more than I’m spending on the products.


The Black balm is wonderful. I M love the fact that it doesn't come on black at all & dissipates being absorbed by the skin to make it soft.

Skin Fuel

I am almost done with my first bottle and will be reordering soon. I love it.

Just right.

The bamboo toothbrush is just right in size, the bristles are perfectly separated to allow cleaning in between teeth and crevices and it is really sturdy, but soft in the bristles.

Best floss ever

I have sensitive teeth that are also close together and not easy to floss. This is the best thing I’ve ever used!

Oil pulling

Excellent product. I use 3-4x/week in morning for about 20min.

Trouble with the feel of the raw bamboo in my mouth

I like that the tooth brush is very soft and promotes less vigorous brushing. I have a very hard time with the feel of the raw bamboo wood in my mouth. I wish it had a smooth finish. Love the tooth powder and floss. My teeth feel cleaner than they have in a while.



My husband and I enjoy the taste with the essential oils that give it a spicy feeling that promotes cleansing.

Very good

I feel this is a good product to switch on and off to get mineral’s needed for a healthy outcome..