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So far so good...but

I do like the toothpaste and floss. The soap is similar to others. I'm a bit unclear how the Skin Fuel should be used. I do like the Skin Fuel, but don't see it replacing my facial skin products,


my mouth feels cleaner after i use it it seems to work well

Good Value

The 3 in 1 Bar is a creamy, gentle bar. It’s not a good shampoo for my very fine hair but I really like it for face and body cleansing and as a shaving cream.

Toothpaste total

I’m thrilled to find a healthy and complete toothpaste - fulvic acid, really?! The ingredients promote shine and whitening, strength and protection which is what an investment in your “chomps” should provide! Well done Akamai!

Better Mousetrap

The black floss is really pretty amazing. I mean, dental floss...it wasn't a category that I thought was ripe for technical advancement...but this is truly a better mousetrap.

It's thicker and textured, and my teeth have never felt cleaner after flossing. And not to be gross, but the black color shows what you're removing from your mouth which I've found to be motivating.

Yes, I find black floss to be motivating. LOL. Try it.


My favorite skin product!

I have used Skin Fuel for several years now. I have I love it! My skin is clear and soft and very healthy looking.

Immediate changes

I noticed a change in my fingernails the first day I took Fulvic Complex. They were harder and clearer, a healthier color. I take it every day and give it to my kids too. It's hard to take alone, but I put it in a little juice. It would be easy to add to most any food.

My favorite floss

This floss works way better than Glide. I am enthusiastic about the product and very pleased that it is refillable because I have lost the ability to recycle plastic in California.

Skin Fuel

I like the new formula.. it seems much more green in color then previous and the rosemary oil much more pronounced.Nice

Great stuff

I’m finding the black balm really useful — so gentle I can use it on my very delicate face skin, (which turns an itchy red with everything else) and so substantial it keeps my heels and fingernail edges from cracking.

Skin Fuel

I love this oil for removing my eye makeup. Also use on other dry spots.


I like the toothpaste and am using my second tube.

Fixed my cavities

I have a very healthy cleaning routine, I brush twice a day, floss every night and use fluoride mouthwash. 18 months ago I was told I had 4 cavities. I did not choose to get them fixed at that time, I wanted a second opinion. So, 6 months later I made an appointment with a new dentist that my community recommended. He informed me I had 5 cavities. A friend recommended Akamai toothpaste because it remineralizes teeth. The next month we moved and 10 months later moved again all the time I used this toothpaste in my normal routine. I finally found a dentist in my new city and they did a thorough check and took all new xrays. I am proud to say, I’m cavity free! He said there were no holes in my teeth and to keep up the good work! I am never going back to crest.


Love it!

Great product!

I like the floss very much but I would find it easier to use if it was flatter. I have experienced difficulty removing it from between my teeth.

Best Dental Exam Ever

I promised to write a review after my dental appt, approximately 3 months after purchasing Akamai. I had the best dental appt ever.
During the part where they check between the teeth and yell out numbers like 3,3,2 and 1,2,2...I had more 1s and 2s than ever before...and the cleaning was done in record time. I'm hooked on this toothpaste. I'll be adding another review in 2020, as my next X-rays happen then. I'm hoping for great news then as well.

Great product!

Love it! Lathers easily, smells good, and rinses out well, even as a shampoo, and does a great job without the chemicals. Thanks, Akamai!

What I needed

I was looking for a toothpaste that balanced my mouths ph as I tend to eat a lot of acidic foods. Also I love that it remineralizes and no tooth sensitivity since using it. I even left some toothpaste in my mouth overnight to get rid of a cold sore and it worked.

Great toothpaste

This toothpaste leaves my mouth feeling so fresh and the freshness lasts all night. I eat a lot of garlic and spicy foods and never wake up with bad breath since using this wonderful toothpaste.

Happy drops

I have been wanting to feel healthy and happy but was feeling sad and low energy for a few years. Since using these drops, I got my wish and feel amazing, happy and healthy. I use about 8 drops in 2 cups water once a day when I remember. It looks and tastes like bad water so I add a lemon drink powder and it is fine.

Great Stuff

It takes a little getting use to, but the Akamai mineral toothpaste works great. At my last dental appointment, the hygienist ask what I did to keep my teeth so clean and tarter free. Proof enough for me!