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Love it

Love it

Skin Fuel is great

Perfect for dry skin in the winter or anytime



Like a lot!

Love this soap. I have sensitive skin and it’s simple ingredients agree with it. Also as a shampoo it is great - my hair stays soft and no other products are needed after washing.

Disgustingly brilliant actually

I wasn't sure if I’d like this black floss before I ordered because Im used to using silk floss with my sensitive gums but I was willing to give it a try. Then once I got it I was worried it would not only be a bit harsh but also too thick. I was worried for nothing. Not only did it glide smoothly and easily between my teeth but it seemed to do a much more thorough job of it from what I could see and feel. In fact its pretty gross what you CAN see when using it as compared to normal white floss. And seeing everything gives you (just me?) a strange heretofore unknown compulsion to make sure you get EVERYTHING even if it takes a bit longer and that is very gratifying.

New venture with new toothpaste

I like this toothpaste so far. Taste is good, teeth are clean, without all the nasty additives in regular toothpaste.

Works great but the taste....

I love this toothpaste! It has helped w some chronic sensitivity around my bridgework that even water picking didn’t seem to help. However, when they say it tastes great.... well let’s just say that’s very subjective. But, I’ll take performance and great dental health over taste any day!

Best shaving experience ever!

I love the handle, and the razors are very effective.

Great products

Like the toothpaste

Great polish

Your teeth Feel like you just stepped out of a dentists office.


Stiff bristles clean off tarter and plaque

Stiff bristles really o the work. Easy to clean and long lasting.



Great product!

Okay, but not 3 in 1

It's an amazing shaving soap when used with a shaving brush. Great lather and slip, and super moisturizing. However, those same properties (the glycerin) means it doesn't work very well as a shampoo bar. I have been using a different shampoo bar for years with pretty good results, but this one didn't cut it. Even with an acidic rinse it still left my hair feeling dull, greasy, and heavy. Boo.

As a body soap, it was just okay.

Overall, I might buy it again as a shaving soap, but it isn't solving the problems for me that I hoped it would.

Good soap

I like the 3 in 1 bar. It has good lather and is fragrance free. I like Akamai products quite a bit and would recommend.

Mineral Toothpaste

Family loves it, big difference from regular toothpaste. I would definitely recommend it !!

Good stuff

Surprised this makes a good shampoo! I like one bar for all washing needs. Also, no fragrance & simple ingredients are fine.

Great facial moisturizer

My husband uses it on his face and he loves it. Esp after moving out to CO where the air is so dry.

Great Products

I am very impress with the Akamai. I purchased the starters kit about three weeks ago and fell in love with the products. I share it with my wife and she also gave the products a thumbs up. I've been sharing my experience with my family and friends.

Leaves a nice coating

Razor burn is my biggest complaint. Akamai leaves a nice coating which stays with me throughout the day, hot and cold days.

Stiff bristles clean off tarter and plaque

Toothpaste is only half the solution, you have to own a good toothbrush. I have used these several times and yes, they are stiff, but really leaves my teeth feeling extra clean and remove the plaque and tarter.


Nice idea

Nice idea in principle. It shreds a bit. I’d actually like to see a “floss launderer” as floss by definition is very unbiodegradeable. There’s no reason why we shouldn’t be able to clean it and reuse it like a toothbrush... in fact I just washed it with a bit of soap and water and hung it to dry. Except my beau is having a fit. 😜

A bit too stiff for me

I was happy to read that the boar bristles were collected from natural shedding of the boars’ hair. That said, the bristles are a bit stiff for my skin. I do think that the majority of people wouldn’t have that problem. I have always had super sensitive skin, so it’s probably more me than the brush.