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The Best Floss on the Planet

Everyone needs this product . After the first time I used it, I felt like I had just had my teeth professionally cleaned. I'm giving it as a holiday gift.

Love it

Great toothpaste! I forget it when I travelled one time and had to use conventional toothpaste and hated it! Just confirmed for me how much I like it.


Skin does not feel dry anymore. This skin fuel is awesome!

Clean and fresh!

Since I began using this product, Akamai, My tooth that had begun to have pain around the gum line has ceased to have any pain. I have been using the product for approximately one month... I would recommend!


I love the healthy & minimal number of ingredients. Our skin is the largest organ yet is often bombarded with dozens of toxic products - I am enjoying all the products we’ve purchased so far and it’s almost like my skin sighs in relief when I use them. Thanks Akamai!!!


Glad I got it .

I like it. Feels good on teeth but it’s drippy.

Great all in one soap

Love the soap. I feel clean but not overly fragranced. Works great as a shave bar. I have super long curly thick hair so I don’t use on my hair but my son and husband like it.

Love it!

I’m loving this floss. It’s a bit thicker than my previous floss so it feels more effective, and I love the hint of clove flavor.


Toothpaste is great. It’s just really expensive!


Truly pure and high quality

100% will buy again.

Great Company

I liked the infused black floss kit a lot as well as a few other items that I purchased from Akamai. I keep finding new uses for your products. I have been using clean products for several years now, hopping around among a few brands that I like. Now I have a company I can stay with long term and use fewer products overall!

Love it!

My wife, kids and I love this soap. Very hydrating! A little goes a long way! The nice thing, can use all over..

I look forward to using this product each day.

Light feel, light scent, deep conditioning, and brightening. I love this product.

I’ve been using this soap for a couple of years now, for body & shaving. It’s been great - I’ve never been able to use a soap for shaving before this. It doesn’t dry out my skin, good lather etc. I haven’t had success using it on my hair though. Our area has really hard water and no amount of time or vinegar rinses worked for me.

Super Floss

You really have the feeling your gums are super clean. the only issue might be, it’s a little thick - if your teeth are quite close together may be a bit difficult to use.

Very unique toothpaste!

I was almost scared to even try this because the color and thick consistency reminded me of cement!! But it doesn’t taste like cement! It’s so different but very clean tasting and feeling. My only issue is with the price. It’s an expensive tube of toothpaste.



Perfect razor handle design! Love the feel and balance of this handle. I really can’t say enough good things about it. Not using disposable pink razors ever again! The quality and directions provided will make for a lifetime investment. I didn’t realize the quality of other razors was so poor till I made the change to Akamai’s products.

Cleans better

I'm literally amazed by this floss! Definitely cleans much more thoroughly than my former kind. Didn't know that was possible. Love the subtle taste and reusable packaging too. I'm hooked!

Very thick floss

Works well, nice taste. However, s bit of a struggle since it is so thick.

Love that it's refillable!

As a dental hygienist, I get to try every kind of floss made. I like this floss A LOT. It tastes great, good texture and love that the container is reusable and can be refilled –you're all over it, Akamai!

Skin Fuel

I love the product. Feels great on my skin and I can tell a real different in the appearance of my face. Around my eye and over all complextion

Akamai 3 in 1 BAR