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Daniella S.
Highly recommend tooth powder!!

My teeth have always been a bit sensitive and when I got pregnant it was way worse ! I’m talking bleeding when I floss and brush. I searched for a solution & came across Akamai tooth powder + charcoal floss.
It’s been a few months now being consistent & no longer bleeding. My teeth feel stronger & I have no sensitivity , I’m really happy with & tell everyone about it!

Love These Products!

I purchased these products because I was having some issues with my teeth and gums. I've known for quite some time how my regular toothpaste from the big box stores were full of chemicals and things not good for me and had been wanting to find a healthier option when I stumbled across these products!

I've now been using my bamboo toothbrush, tongue scraper and the remineralizing tooth powder for a couple months and I just love them! My mouth feels fresher and my gums seem to be healing up nicely AND my husband has not told me I had metallic breath at all since I've been using these products! I will definitely be ordering again! Thank you for putting out a GREAT line if products!!

Winsome R.
I love this powder

I've been using the powder for about 2 months now, and I'm beginning to notice a reduction in my teeth sensitivity.
I noticed the other day that I drank very cold water with much less discomfort than I used to have!

Black Balm Works On Damaged Dry Skin When Others Don't

I have had a patch of skin above my lip that was flaking and not healing no matter what I put on it - lanolin, castor oil, a homemade mix of coconut oil and shea butter. I use Black Balm on other areas but I didn't want to put it on my lip because I didn't want a green upper lip :) but it doesn't look green and it is finally healing and not flaking anymore. It doesn't taste very good but maybe that will keep me from rubbing it with my lower lip. Thanks!

Juliet T.
Great Tooth Powder

This is my first tooth powder and it feels wonderful on the teeth! I've noticed a condiserable difference when I floss my teeth. They no longer bleed or are inflamed after I floss and Its all because of the tooth powder! I've had teeth problems for years, so I love that I am putting minerals back into my teeth. Looking forward to purchasing more products.

Healthy and good

We enjoy using the Toothpowder mineralized and all to give our teeth and gums the best care possible. It’s really so easy and whenever we travel we make sure to pack it. The toothbrush was a little hard to get used to because of the short brush, it feels like a child’s toothbrush and takes me back to that time, but it definitely helps us not to press or brush hard.

I like it

My husband and I like knowing we are doing our utmost to care for our teeth and gums. Learning how oil pulling is so beneficial and all the great ingredients makes it worthwhile. We really go about our morning routine while swishing it around. So easy, no sweat.

Black Floss

I had never thought of how flossing my teeth with black floss could be helpful at seeing where I could use more help. My teeth are pretty tight and I love the feel of it really getting in there and scraping off the tar. I truly enjoy using it.

Patricia K.

New to dental powder but I love it. Been using it for a couple of months and had my dental appointment the other day. Dentist said “very little plaque and great looking gums”! I am using the dental powder, the floss and the tongue scraper. Amazing product. Got some for Xmas gifts for my grown kids too. Try it yourself.

Best tooth powder

Works great for me. I used to feel a layer on my teeth even after brushing but this powder really worked well.

oil pulling

The oil pulling has a nasty taste to it that lingers, sure wish it was more freshening but for the cost ill endure til I use it all as to not waste it.

Bryna W.
Tooth Powder

Seems like its working nice its only been a week use

Great products!

I am loving the tooth power and pulling mouthwash. I’m new to tooth power but I’ve found this to be a real pleasant experience. The pulling mouthwash is also a nice product. The minty flavor makes it great. I’ve also noticed my teeth are already whiter. One thing I really appreciated was the fast delivery. Looking forward to more purchases.

Daniel P.
Best Toothpowder

The Akamai Mineral Toothpowder cannot be compared to any other toothpaste I have tried. I now have zero tooth pain, the black spots on my teeth are disappearing, and my dentist said my mouth has transformed. I can brush my teeth once every night and my teeth and gums are cleaner and healthier than brushing 2-3 times per day with another product.

Best powder I've tried

Christine H.
Oil Pulling

Someone recommended this as a helpful detox while I have changed my diet to detox my body. I am trying to get into the habit of doing it while I'm in the shower. I floss 1st with the awesome dental floss, scrape my tongue, brush with the mineral toothpaste, then do the oil pulling. It does seem to add an extra layer of clean and my mouth feels cleaner for longer. I do wish there was more clove & peppermint essential oil in it, but I have it on hand and add my own.

Mineral Toothpaste

Love it! Kids use it and I need to order more! It lasts a long time between 4 kids and me it lasted 2 months.

Julie S.
Great product

This stuff is amazing. Took about 1-2 days to get used to powder instead of “paste”. My teeth have never been healthier and my dental cleanings are done in minutes.

Hailey B.
Great tooth powder

I have tries a few tooth powders so far and this is my favorite one yet!

The tooth powder is great

After using the tooth powder for less than a week, it removed about 80% of tooth stain from my teeth. I got some for a friend and she thought the same for her after two days. It feels healthy, I look healthy and I'm impressed! Thanks!

Gates B.
Tooth powder

This stuff is amazing. On my second refill of it. Love it love it! Will continue to order

Love the toothpaste powder!

Finally found something that is natural and actually works. My enamel was thinning and since I’ve been using this, I can tell a big improvement! They’re getting stronger and feel cleaner than ever :) definitely recommend 👍🏻

Ronda L.
Mineral toothpaste

I’ve been using the mineral toothpaste for about a year now. I love the way it makes my mouth feel clean with no chemicals!


Best powder I’ve tried! My teeth feel so clean!

I Finally found it!

My Doctor took me off fluoride back in 2012 and I have searched and searched for a tooth paste that would take off all the crud on my teeth and I could not find anything. I used my former tooth paste with fluoride once a week to get it off and hopefully not effect my theroid too bad. A friend told me about your product and I tried it. I am so excited to finally find what I needed!!! The oil pulling and the powder and the floss has made a huge difference in the way my teeth look and feel. I am completely sold!!