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Just, Wow!

I'm fairly new to oil pulling. Tried it a few times with coconut oil and wasn't a fan. This product makes all the difference! Took me a couple of times to get used to doing it, but now I'm hooked. My mouth feels so fresh afterward and the feeling lasts all day. I trust in the benefits given Akamai's well-researched ingredients. Highly recommend this product!

Akamai oil-pulling formulation

This feels like SUPERCHARGED oil pulling! For years, I've used coconut oil for oil pulling. This fall, I learned of Akamai's formula. The moment I put it in my mouth, I could feel it was so much more powerful. I learned why by looking at the label: It contains two special ingredients—sesame seed oil (which Akamai points out is naturally rich in nutrients, anti-inflammatory and anti-plaque and black cumin seed oil (which Akamai points out is rich in thymoquinone, a natural bactericide, antioxidant and all-around healer). This makes my teeth and mouth feel cleaner, and my dental hygienist has noticed improvement in my teeth health.

I also use, and recommend: Akamai toothpaste, the tongue scraper, and Akamai's Fulvic Mineral Complex. This total combination is the most effective solution for oral health I have found.

I am deeply grateful to have discovered Akamai products.

Five stars? Ten stars!

Richard Shane

So nourishing!

The consistency of this product is really nice, so smooth and feels very nourishing.

Product Endorsement

Great product.
I worked for a Dentist years ago...
This is the real deal!
I love it!

So far, so good!

The flavor is nice. My mouth feels clean longer after brushing, and my teeth feel consistently better. Great product!

This stuff is amazing!

My sister and I used this on our hands at night and woke up amazed - we were laughing that we sounded like an infomercial raving about how soft and young our hands looked! We are both in our 50s, and my hands have looked older than the rest of me forever due to sun, sailing, ceramics - been very hard on them. This balm is just short of a miracle. I saw a difference immediately. I am now using it on my face and neck and so far so good. I have reactive skin so never sure how it's going to go. I am super happy with this product and am so relieved to have found something that really work and is also free of nasties. Thanks Akamai!!!!

Perfect Extra-Hydrating Boost

This is my new favorite product. I LOVE it, especially right now (winter) when my skin is SOOOOOO dry. I combine a little of the Black Balm with the Skin Fuel, and it's a perfect boost for my face and body when it needs a little extra love.

Quick clean...

One bar - a full shower !

Best toothpaste I ever used.

I've been using Akamai toothpaste for months and my dental hygienist reports improvement in my teeth. This is by far the best toothpaste I've ever used.

Superb mineral supplement!

This is a powerful and effective liquid supplement. By far the best mineral supplement I've ever known.

Richard Shane, PhD

skin fuel

I have been using the skin fuel from Akamai for over a month. It has been good for my face. I am not breaking out as much and it is very light and not heavy feel when applying, yet very mositurizing.

Love it

I really love this stuff!

Replaced 3 Products!

This glides on nicely post-shower, serves as a big gun face moisturizer and my new fave hand lotion. I love how my travel kit just got smaller with a product I trust!

Akamai Skin Fuel

We’ve been using the Skin Fuel for the last 2 years now. Of all the natural skin products we’ve tried over the years, this one is the best. It’s eliminated my husband’s dry skin and shaving irritation. It’s kept my skin soft and supple. The kids use it, too! We especially love it in the winter when it seems our skin is even drier than usual.

Not sure

Not feeling any different, but maybe it takes a while.

Akamai Fulvic Mineral Complex

Hair fullness

I am 46 and my hair is starting to thin. I do not color treat. I have medium-long length hair. When using this bar, at every wash my hair is feels and looks very think and full. Great shine too. I also use the bar on my body as well. I recommend this product.

Best toothpaste I’ve ever used

I love this toothpaste. It is fantastic that it is not overly sweet and the best part is that I no longer get cavities. I have completely changed my oral health by making this one switch. I will never go back. There isn’t even a ‘natural’ toothpaste I will recommend- I’ve tried most of them. Thanks Akamai for a great product!

Replaced three products

This replaced my regular soap, my shampoo and my shaving cream. In a way it replaced a fourth... I ditched the baby shampoo I used to use on my eyelids too. Though that was more from thinking about how I wash prompted by changing to the Akamai bar.

I shave my face with this. (Well, this and a razor.)

Love this stuff :-)

I will never use store bought toothpaste again. My teeth have never felt better in my life, not even after the dentist cleans them. You definitely have a faithful customer out of me. Thank you!




I'm sure it's good, but haven't used it long enough 2 tell

Love Akamai!

This toothpaste makes my teeth feel like I just came from the dentist. After my last dental cleaning, I had almost no plaque on my teeth. I feel this was due to using Akamai Toothpaste. Love it!

LOVE all my Akamai products

I now have been using the soap bar to wash my hair and along with a good conditioner I am very happy with it. I also use it to remove makeup nightly before applying Skin Fuel which I am also very happy with. I can't say enough about how good the toothpaste is however my last dental cleaning, which I do quarterly, was the best I have had in YEARS and the only change is I'm on my second tube of Akamai toothpaste. Lastly I finished my first bottle of Akamai Fulvic Mineral Complex a month ago and do miss it.
I'm quite happy with less products and much less plastic but mostly I very much appreciate the high quality of Akamai products. Thank you Marni and Vince