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Works Really Well

Bought this after watching a video by Sophie Uliano, who recommended it very highly. It really does help get rid of the dead skin cells, and my skin looks brighter after using it. The body moisturizer seems to work better, too. Just wish I could remember to use it more often . . . usually think of it after I'm already in the shower!


Akamai Mineral Toothpaste

Love this toothpaste

This is the bet best balm I’ve ever used.

Completely fixed the issue I’ve been having with dry winter skin on my hands. Also used it inside of my nostrils where I occasionally get raw, cracked skin resulting for such low humidity. Both areas completely healed—very impressed. It's my new go to for really dry skin.

Great natural toothpaste

So far we are very pleased with this toothpaste in every way. The taste and smell are just right - and it is not sweet like most toothpastes.

Skin fuel

Everyone I introduce this product to loves it!

Love this stuff!

Been using this for oil cleansing and my skin feels amazing!

Radically Amazing

These products are truly radical, as they are different than anything else I've ever used - in a great way! The toothpaste isn't just for cleaning, but also improves oral health. The Skin Fuel leaves my sensitive face feeling clean and soft. The bar can be used in three different ways, which I really like. Overall, I highly recommend this company and their products.


This is a really nice blend of oils. At first it took a long time to get to 5 minutes and then 10. Keeping to the recommended dose is working a lot better. My mouth and breath feel so clean and refreshed without harsh taste fragrance. Then brushing my teeth adds a super clean layer. I like this blend because it's formulated for this purpose rather than messing around with making my own blend. I can see how the action alone empties the sinuses.

Love this stuff!!

Great product!


Unique and Effective Product

This balm is awesome. I let a friend try this on his psoriasis. After a few days of using it the skin patches began to shrink and stopped flaking. I use it for winter dry skin and could not be more pleased with the results.

Great all natural products

Love the products. Oil pulling. And mineral toothpaste awesome!!!!


I have Lyme Disease and has to switch over to more natural products. My teeth feel so clean after ! Different texture than regular toothpaste, but I love it!

Give it a chance

Your black balm is less greasy and works better than anything I have ever tried for eczema and seasonal dry skin. I think the black balm deserves a second, third or even forth chance if the scent is off-putting at first. Once I got used to it, the smell is very pleasant!

Great Brush

This brush is great. Not too soft and not too stiff. However, I don't like the fact that it's made in China.

Loving it

So far so good. My skin feels regenerated right using it I’m loving this perfect brush, just the right density.

Amazing products with amazing results!

I had been looking for a long time for a toothpaste that’s made with natural healthy ingredients, this is it. I found it. I recommend it, it’s worth it.

Finally a solution to dry cracking fingertips!!

Every year around this time I look forward with dread to when the corners of my fingertips start to get severely dry and crack. This year I have been using Black Balm and it has completely resolved the issue. Rubbing it into my hands at least once a day is making a huge difference overall, although I'd caution that for hand use make sure you are not touching anything white for a few minutes after applying. Starting to use on heels too and working great. Read another review about lips so will be trying that tonight! A great addition to my skin care routine - thanks Akamai!!

Dry Brush

I absolutely "love" my new dry brush and so much easier to use than my old one-great quality.

love it!

This is a great brush for dry brushing your skin. It is soft enough to not feel harsh and it fits nicely in your hand. I used one with a long handle and it was a bit awkward and this is much more convenient.

Akamai Dry Brush

Greatest Whole Mouth Paste

We will never go back to fake, overly sweet, unhealthy toothpastes again! Once you use this paste you will feel and see a huge difference in your mouth health!

Stellar Job

I was not surprised this product was incredible. I was surprised when I started using the balm around my lips and my lines from when I was a 35 year smoker began to visibly soften. Stellar job.

High quality

What a toothpaste should be! Superb ingredients and remineralizing, just too expensive.