A Radically Different Oral Care System

Proven to deliver real results, naturally great for your mouth, body and planet.


  1. Use Tongue Cleaner
  2. Oil Pull (2-3x / week)
  3. Brush Teeth (morning and evening)
  4. Floss
  5. Take Fulvic Mineral Complex (in morning)
  6. Nose Breathe

Once you have the right tools, this is about
habit formation. Keep in mind:

Exact order doesn’t matter.

Slip up? Not a big deal. Simply begin again.

Can’t adopt all 6? Do what you can ...perfection is not the goal.


Take the challenge! Set aside what you've been using and try our Oral Care System risk free. Upgrade to ingredients that are far better and natural and a routine that is holistic and effective.

To learn more, seeA Holistic Approach to Optimal Oral Health — 8 Core Elements


Benefits: Physically removes bacteria and toxins from tongue to freshen breath and reduce bad bacteria. Your body detoxes all night and delivers waste to the tongue — this is the only effective way to physically remove bacteria from your mouth (a toothbrush is ineffective and redistributes the gunk).

How to: Place on tongue as far back as comfortable. Press curved section of cleaner on tongue and gently pull forward removing the unwanted coating.

*Best done first thing in the morning.

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Benefits: Controls bacteria, detoxes mouth and can help detox body systemically (based on frequency & length of time pulling).

How to: Taking a teaspoon-sized sip, swish and pull oil through your teeth and gums for a minimum of 5 minutes and up to 20 (the longer the better to get the full effects of detoxing your mouth and body).

Spit down the drain (or into garbage) when done and rinse. Then brush teeth.

Do this at least 2 to 3 times a week. If you have an active dental issue consider oil pulling 3 times daily. Hard to find the time or can’t do it first thing in the morning? Consider pulling while you’re in the shower.

*Best done in morning.

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Benefits: Our Mineral Toothpowder helps control bad bacteria, gently cleans and supports remineralization with bioavailable minerals. Our Dr. Bass designed Bamboo Bass Toothbrush features a bristle layout designed to reach under the gums and the smaller handle allows for more gentle precision. A key to maintaining healthy gums is brushing under the gum line where bacteria and plaque accumulate.

How to: Wet the toothbrush and shake off any excess water. Dip the top half of your toothbrush in the powder (you don't need much).

Brush gently at a 45-degree angle using a light circular motion, paying close attention to getting under the gum line. (This is known as The Bass Method — for a good video see here.)

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Benefits: Physically removes plaque, bacteria and debris at the gum line and in between teeth while delivering essential oils (bad bacteria fighters) and fulvic acid (trace minerals). Flossing has not only been linked to good oral health but also to overall body health.

How to: Use approximately 14 - 18” of floss. Gently slide it against the side of each tooth, with a motion to draw debris away from the gum. Advance to a clean section of floss before inserting.

*Best done in the evening.

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Benefits: Nourishes teeth and gums from the inside out while also boosting electrolytes/hydration and detoxing liver. Fulvic acid provides bioavailable forms of trace minerals, macro minerals, naturally occurring vitamins, amino acids and organic acids to every cell. Learn more

How to: Add 5 to 18 drops of FMC to your morning glass of filtered water along with a big twist of lemon and a pinch of sea salt (such as Himalayan Salt). Powerful way to detox and rehydrate.

*Best done in morning.

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Benefits: Nasal breathing enhances oral health by supporting optimal saliva flow, which is essential for neutralizing harmful oral bacteria and acids. It also supports a balanced oral microbiome and prevents the drying effect that mouth breathing can have on gums and teeth. Learn more

How to: Make a conscious effort to breathe through your nose during the day and while sleeping. If nasal congestion is a barrier, blow your nose and consider using saline rinses or nasal strips to improve airflow. Practicing mindful breathing exercises also helps. Learn more

*Best done throughout the day.



  1. Read this article and take your oral care to the next level with a whole body approach to oral health. Actionable information with links to additional resources. Reminder, like trees, teeth are living and have roots!
  2. Consider working with a Holistic or Biological Dentist. This tool can help.
  3. Benchmark your progress — work with your dental hygienist.
  4. Consider waiting 30-60 minutes after eating to brush teeth to prevent tiny food particles from getting under gumline, PH to lower, and allow digestion process to complete. Learn more.


Akamai's Complete Oral Care System delivers all of the oral care benefits you need to optimize your health.