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How Does Remineralization Work?

Your body has a natural process for remineralizing your teeth to keep them strong and healthy.

The process of remineralization and the amount of time it takes is dependent on many factors:

  • the status of your PH - an overly acidic system and mouth can cause demineralization, sensitivity and erosion. If you are experiencing any of this you'll need to correct it in order to remineralize your teeth.
  • the status of minerals in your system - are you taking/do you have enough macro (calcium, magnesium, phosphate, potassium) and trace minerals in your system to remineralize? Keep in mind, calcium needs magnesium to work in your system. While fluoride is touted for remineralization it is artificial/synthetic and can create brittle teeth (similar to nano hydroxyapatite).
  • ingredients in your toothpaste - are you using a toothpaste that contains a lot of glycerin (like a sensitive toothpaste formula)? glycerin can coat the teeth and inhibit remineralization.
  • status of overall oral health - do you have regular cleanings (plaque removal)? is your gut health in good shape (do you have acid reflux or digestive issues)? 
  • saliva production - is your mouth dry? are you producing enough saliva? saliva washes your teeth and provides minerals to the surface.

This article describes the process. This study discusses the Demineralization–remineralization dynamics in teeth and bone. We encourage you to research for yourself too.

Akamai Mineral Toothpaste and Toothpowder support remineralization by providing:

  • absorbable, bioavailable minerals - food-grade calcium montmorillonite (bentonite) clay with macro and trace minerals and fulvic acid (a plant and soil-based source of trace minerals that improves absorption of all nutrients)
  • cleaning power gently polishes and cleans, leaving no residue (contains no glycerin)
  • salivation due to the bitter/savory flavor (added salt and no sweetener)
  • control of bad bacteria while detoxing the mouth (clays, essential oils)
  • neutral to Alkaline PH - our Mineral Toothpowder has a PH between 9 - 10.

In short, remineralization and optimal oral health require a whole-body approach that includes diet and supplementation to control acidity and add minerals and nutrients, along with regular dental cleanings and check-ups...... AND the right oral care products.

We offer our Mineral Toothpowder, Oil Pulling Mouthwash and Fulvic Mineral Complex in full support of the remineralization process. 

As always, we recommend that you discuss remineralization with your Holistic or Biological dentist.