How to remineralize teeth naturally

Everyone is looking for a way to remineralize teeth. And rightfully so, since it is critical to creating strong, healthy, white teeth that resist decay and prevent, or even heal cavities.

While we have all been drawn to the promise of fluoride, it comes with health risks. And there are safety concerns with nano hydroxyapatite, the latest remineralizing miracle cure. The good news is you don't need either of them to remineralize your teeth.

Your body is constantly healing and regenerating. From squashing potentially dangerous cells, manufacturing Vitamin D from sunlight, to remineralizing your teeth (through the roots of your teeth and with your saliva). All you need are the right nutrients and a healthy balanced diet to keep everything humming.

To remineralize teeth, you need, well, minerals. And not just calcium and phosphorus (the minerals that teeth are made of, also known as hydroxyapatite), but all of the other minerals too. For instance, magnesium helps your body utilize calcium. Trace minerals, ignite your whole system (like turning on the electricity) to power up the process. You’ll also need essential cofactors (other synergistic nutrients) vitamins A, C, D, E and K.

There are other factors too, which can affect the remineralization process:

  • Your PH - an overly acidic system and mouth (below a PH of 7) can cause demineralization, sensitivity and erosion (that creates an environment for decay).  It could be due to poor gut health (acid reflux or other digestive issues), existing decay in your mouth or a constant state of acidity caused by beverages (like soda or an acidic water) that you drink all day. Is your toothpaste or mouthwash acidic? It is important that the last product you use before bed is alkaline.

  • Ingredients in your toothpaste - are you using a toothpaste that contains a lot of glycerin (like a sensitive toothpaste formula)? Glycerin can coat the teeth and inhibit remineralization while creating a sticky surface for plaque. Do the ingredients help control bad bacteria while while supporting good bacteria?

  • Status of overall health, oral health and oral microbiome - do you have regular cleanings (plaque removal)? Root canals? Mercury fillings? Do you have a balanced diet (not too many carbohydrates and sugar)? Health issues that create malabsorption of nutrients?  

  • Saliva production - is your mouth dry? Are you producing enough saliva? Do you sleep with your mouth closed? Saliva washes your teeth and provides minerals to the surface.

  • Status of minerals in your system - again, do you have enough minerals (all of the minerals, in balance) in your system? Note: you do not need fluoride or nano-hydroxyapatite to remineralize your teeth - these synthetic ingredients create artificial remineralization on the tooth surface and both have long term health concerns.

In short, remineralization and optimal oral health require a whole-body approach that includes a healthy diet, a healthy gut, supplements to increase vital minerals and nutrients, regular dental cleanings AND the right oral care products.

Interested in diving deeper? This study discusses the demineralization–remineralization dynamics in teeth and bone.  

We formulated Akamai Mineral Toothpowder to support remineralization, naturally. Here's how:

  • 74+ Absorbable, bioavailable minerals  food-grade, non-irradiated calcium montmorillonite (bentonite) clay rich in macro (esp. Calcium, Potassium, Magnesium) and trace minerals and fulvic acid (a plant and soil-based source of trace minerals that improves absorption of all nutrients). In addition, the particle size and nature of the minerals in the clay and fulvic acid, adhere to the tooth surface and into dental tubule openings to remineralize teeth. (See this study on bentonite clay and go to section 3.3)

  • Contains no glycerin or other ingredients that can inhibit remineralization  — gently polishes and cleans, leaving no residue

  • Increases Salivation — due to the savory taste (with Himalayan salt and no sweeteners of any kind)

  • Controls bad bacteria and balances the oral microbiome  while detoxing the mouth (with clays, fulvic acid, essential oils)

  • Reduces acidity with an Alkaline PH — our Mineral Toothpowder has a PH between 9 - 10.

In fact, along with our Mineral Toothpowder, our entire Oral Care System supports the body's natural remineralization process and leverages powerful minimally processed natural ingredients ONLY (nothing synthetic or artificial). For example our Oil Pulling Mouthwash helps clear away the harmful bacteria, such as streptococcus mutans while reducing acidity and Fulvic Mineral Complex offers 74+ bioavailable trace minerals, improves nutrient absorption and has many other health benefits. 

As always, we recommend that you discuss remineralization with your Holistic or Biological dentist.