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“My team recently recommended this oral care kit which features 100% natural tooth powder, a mineral complex, bamboo toothbrushes, a tongue cleaner, oil pulling mouthwash, and more. Their tooth powder contains 72 bioavailable trace and macrominerals to support strong teeth, remineralization, and healthy gums.

Dr. Mark Hyman, fourteen-time New York Times bestselling author and functional medicine leader

“Every now and then you discover a new brand that you fall in love with instantly and on multiple levels. It speaks to you not just because the product is phenomenal, useful, and well-executed, but also because of the philosophy and values that go into making it. This is a radical new take on an industry that has for decades exposed our bodies to a variety of chemicals and toxins which have steadily been shown to cause harm to our health and our ecosystem in general. I highly recommend Akamai products to anyone interested in optimal health and wellness.

— David Tusek, MD, Cloud Medical

“Akamai has considered every component of an ideal toothpaste: the pH, abrasiveness, natural antimicrobials, and the ideal ratio of trace minerals and essential oils to maximize absorption and promote a healthy mouth. It is a fantastic product that I would recommend to any of my patients.

Dr. Andrea Mustian, DMD Harvard School |of Dental Medicine

"Akamai toothpaste is the best toothpaste that I have found in the market. The ingredients are great. It’s great for detoxing, ph, remineralisation, helps with sensitivity and more. It has no glycerin - that's important, since glycerin leaves a film on your teeth that plaque can adhere to. It makes my teeth feel very clean. It is the only toothpaste I recommend to my patients."

Akamai has done their research and are steadfast in their commitment to truly clean and safe products. Truly all natural unlike many brands that make this claim.”

Holistica Dr. Mary Shackelton, MPH, ND

"This is my favorite natural toothpaste. They have packed so many good ingredients into this paste; liposomal Co Q10, trace minerals, a healthy balance of essentials oils in a detoxifying clay base. It leaves my mouth feeling clean & fresh. It's Akamai, or nothing at all for me!"
— Shannon Gleichmann, RDH, BS

"Makes me love dental care. Being a functional medicine physician and caring about the planet, I am always looking for products that do both. Akamai products are it! The toothpowder has all the right stuff I love in my practice to detox and rebuild the body, but targeted toward the teeth. I often recommend oil pulling as a detoxifier and their's is amazing! So very happy I found them."
— Dr. Leila

Media Reviews

“the perfect product”
(3 in 1 BAR)

“10 carry-on essentials we always travel with.”
Design Milk

“Startup Akamai is on a mission to get people to wash less.”
The Guardian

“Akamai’s philosophy is music to the ears of non-toxic beauty advocates and minimalists alike.”

“I truly believe that you have an excellent product.”
The Quintessential Man

“I'm a fan of simple products with great ingredients and that are multi-purpose, so the line is a hit with me.”
— Mary Quinn McCallum, Experience Life

“Really like the hair and skin oil.”
— Alden, The Ecocultist

“I am LOVING all of the products. Great work!”
— Cator Sparks, The Manual

“Love the mission.”
— Ryan Nicodemus, The Minimalists

“Will leave your teeth sparkling without all the nasty chemicals.”
One Green Planet

“3 Akamai personal care products are all you need to simplify your daily wash, shave & brush routine. I think Akamai could be a game-changer”

“Akamai is an amazingly streamlined solution.”
Gorgeously Green

“Excellent products.”
The Art of Simple

“You are challenging modern marketing and product status quo to deliver your vision.”
— Ann Maiden, MegaBeauts

“After using exclusively just these 3 multipurpose products for a week, I’m completely sold. Simplified my routine while offering all I needed for clean and healthy teeth, skin and hair. All this, with zero nasty chemicals, and 100% made in the USA.”

"a very forward-thinking idea”
My Subscription Addiction

“Healthier, non-toxic skin care. I am totally sold.”
Born Again Minimalist

“I love Akamai. Their radically simplified approach to personal care, in a world of over consumptions, is just what I need.”
Wellness Mama

“I’m really into it, I like their approach.”
Logical Harmony

“This is an awesome mission”
— Jenny Lavelle, The Greatist

“Products are as natural and safe as they come and do pretty much everything.”
The Lazy Genius Collective


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