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"Meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs within 3 pillars: economic, environmental, and social"


Good for you. Good for the planet.


The Personal Care Industrial Complex

Products we don't need. Massive costs to our wallets, environment and health. It's simply not sustainable.

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Waking people up to a new way.

The mainstream approach to personal care and grooming is out of control. It fosters a mistruth that to have clean and healthy teeth, gums, skin and hair you need tons of products and that it’s ok to douse yourself with a wide array man-made chemicals. It's a mass illusion.


Help us in our mission to change this paradigm and show a better way.

Natural ingredients only means healthier products.

Minimally processed / unrefined / cold pressed.

Certified organic.
Scientifically proven.
No "green chemistry" or "naturally derived" BS synthetics.


Our standards go way beyond EWG VERFIED TM 

with formulations so clean you could eat them.

Elimination of unnecessary products.

We want to sell you LESS.

Multipurpose products.

Shit-can products you don’t need.

3rd party testing

Purity standards

Fair labor / fair wages

Made in USA


Saves $$ | Simplifies | Lowers carbon footprint & waste

Carbon-neutral shipments.

Carbon offset shipments.

Minimal packing materials.

Recycled & recyclable cardboard.
No packing slip.


Further cut waste & save with Bulk Shipping

Concentrates in earth friendly packaging.

No cheap fillers or water.
A little goes a long way.

Glass bottles & metal lids.


Reusable | Refillable | Recyclable | Compostable

Insightful How To’s

Get 50+ shave out each razor.
Save 80% on supplements by buying in bulk.
How to get rid of bad breath for good.


Simple, routines and habits that support wellbeing and common sense.

Save money.

Sold directly to you — no middleman
Superior quality.
Multipurpose, concentrated.

Root cause vs symptom management.


Reasonably priced & good value. No fluff, no hype.

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The Personal Care Industrial Complex

Dedicated to using business as a force for good and positive change.


Our roots run deep here. Our last effort reusablebags.com (later rebranded reuseit.) launched in 2002 and was a catalyst for thrusting the plastic bag issue into our collective consciousness as a symbol of our consume and toss mentally.


In addition to igniting a “reusables movement” we empowered our 300,000 customers to eliminate an estimated 1.2 billion use and toss items — and donated $200,000 to high impact nonprofits like The Surfrider Foundation & The Rainforest Action Network.

Sounds good? Let’s get started!

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