5 things to share...vol #1

I truly appreciate the weekly, "helpful tidbit" emails from people such as Tim Ferris and James Clear and for years, I’ve wanted to do a similar email. Here's the first.

Every now and then, I’ll share with you what I am actually reading, studying, and experimenting with (what’s working, what isn’t) along with links to key resources.

"A few things..." emails are intended to be organic, a bit raw and unstructured — and of course always helpful & actionable.

This is an experiment and will evolve. I hope you find them of value as a resource and as inspiration for wellbeing.

Let me know what you think -- and share with others if you find useful.



1. Here are the weekly resource / “digest” style emails I subscribe to and actually read with some regularity.

  1. Tim Ferris — 5-bullet Friday — 5 Things Tim’s Been Loving, Using, and Reading: Books, Gadgets, Hacks, and more.
  2. The Marginalian — interesting and inspiring articles across art, science, philosophy, creativity, children’s books, and other strands of our search for truth, beauty, and meaning.
  3. James Clear’s 3-2-1 Newsletter — Author of Atomic Habits (a great book). Thought-provoking and practical with outstanding tips on how to live a better life. If you dig stoicism, you'll dig this.
  4. Dr. Mark Hyman — Mark’s Pick’s weekly newsletter with what he’s using to take his health to the next level: books, podcasts, research, supplement recommendations, etc. (P.S. he also recommended our Oral Care Complete Kit - cool!)

2. I accidentally injured my gums over a year ago and while they separated a bit from my two front teeth, they are now reattaching.

Per my dentist, if you avoid re-aggravating the area and keep it free from plaque, gums actually can reattach to teeth. However, it can be hard to do and some people just have the loose gum area surgically removed.

After my dental cleaning a few weeks ago, they advised me to massage CoQ10 into my gums, and I recommitted to Oil Pulling every day.

[UPDATE: While skeptical, I carefully stuck it out and they have fully reattached. Reminder of how our bodies can self-heal.]

3. Here’s what I did when I ran out of Skin Fuel a few weeks ago.

I order from the site just like you. When I couldn’t get more since we Akamai was temporarily sold out, I turned to the kitchen for a simple short-term solution and used one of our unrefined, plant-based cooking oils (coconut -- olive oil works too).

(Note: I'd never use a commercial lotion for lots of reasons -- including not wanting to screw up my biome with nasty chemicals / fake natural ingredients -- e.g. "naturally derived" pervasive in so called "natural" brands)

4. Elevated levels of cortisol and stinky armpits.

My levels of stress have been high lately — tipping into stress (not healthy) vs eustress (healthy).

I could smell "me" and that is not normal.

I was reminded of the benefits of not masking our underarms with deodorants so I noticed excess cortisol production.

This enables the pits to be a warning system that stress levels are too high and to practice stress-reducing techniques.

[I kicked the underarm habit about 5 years ago for lots of reasons… more re: the whys (and how) I did it down the road...]

5. Words I live by: Make it as simple as but no simpler — Albert Einstein



PS. I've been wanting to "hatch" this email series for 4yrs. Today, I accidentally stumbled across this draft I made way back in March 2021, and thinking it wasn't good enough, stalled.

So for all of us perfectionists let's remember Voltaire's quote as we strive for excellence — "Perfection if the enemy of good." 🙏