Freshen your breath, reduce plaque and whiten teeth. Naturally. Our powerful blend of certified organic, cold-pressed, unrefined oils helps to nourish and detoxify your mouth and gums. Rooted in the 3,000-year-old tradition of Ayurvedic medicine and scientifically known to improve oral health. Akamai Oil Pulling is mouthwash — redefined.

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"Love the essential oils! Akamai mouthwash is the best natural product I’ve had! Great product, great natural ingredients, mouth feels super clean afterwards!" — George S.
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Product Highlights

  • May help prevent cavities and freshen breath by naturally balancing oral bacteria and acidity.

  • May help reduce bleeding gums and inflammation due to the properties of sesame oil and black cumin seed oil.

  • Detoxifies the mouth and body by pulling oils through the oral cavity, drawing toxins out of the bloodstream through the mucous membrane.

  • Helps whiten teeth due to the scrubbing effect from the emulsification of oil and saliva when swishing.

  • Reduces acidity, that can encourage tooth decay, by alkalizing the entire mouth.

  • Supports a healthy, balanced oral microbiome.

  • Superior cleaning, dislodging trapped food and bacteria. Oil pulling reaches 100% of oral surfaces. Brushing only reaches approximately 60% of mouth surfaces.

  • 7 pure, natural, 100% certified organic ingredients for maximum effectiveness. And nothing else.

  • Leverages the powerful nutrients from unrefined sesame seed oil. Used in Ayurvedic medicine for the past 3,000 yrs.

  • High quality, amber glass bottle. Eliminates plastic, while naturally preserving oil.

  • Vegan, cruelty-free & non-GMO.

  • Part of our Oral Care System, endorsed by Dr. Mark Hyman as a "Mark’s Picks".

6 oz Glass Bottle | 2 Month Supply | Made in the USA

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All of our products are made using powerful, effective, truly natural ingredients and nothing else. Pure, minimally processed and nutrient dense. Clean enough you can eat it.

Ingredients / Standards

Sesame Seed Oil* (virgin, unrefined), Black Cumin Seed Oil* (virgin, unrefined, cold-pressed), Essential Oils of Peppermint*, Ceylon Cinnamon*, Clove Bud*, Anise Seed*, Tea Tree*. (*Certified Organic 100%)


Quality Standards 

Hexane-free. Unrefined. Expeller pressed. Certified Organic by Quality Assurance International.

Ingredient Benefits

Rich in mono- and polyunsaturated acids (PUFAs) and is low in saturated fats. Contains two unique chemicals, sesamol and sesamin — powerful antioxidants that may help fight inflammation and bad bacteria. Loaded with B-complex vitamins.

Most commonly used base oil in Ayurvedic medicine.


Quality Standards 

Hexane-free. Unrefined. Cold pressed. Certified Organic by Quality Assurance International.

Ingredient Benefits

Ancient miracle herb known for its effectiveness against S Mutans and other bacteria.

Contains thymoquinone, an antioxidant compound that can fight inflammation. Known to help with common skin concerns and promote a healthy, balanced oral microbiome.



Quality Standards 

Hexane-free. Made in the USA. GFSI and cGMP certified. Certified Organic by Quality Assurance International.

Ingredient Benefits

Antioxidant and immunity-boosting. May help reduce inflammation and fight potentially harmful bacteria. Ceylon or “true” cinnamon is superior to the more commonly sold Cassis variety, which is known to have high concentrations of coumarin which can be dangerous in large amounts.

Is known to help fight bacteria that can cause bad breath and cavities (effective against S. Mutans).

Shown to have significant inhibitory effects against 23 different genera of bacteria. Of all essential oils, it is seen as the most effective at killing the bacteria that causes tooth decay (cavities).



Quality Standards 

Steam distilled. Hexane-free. Made in the USA. GFSI and cGMP certified. Certified Organic by Quality Assurance International.

Ingredient Benefits 

Eugenol -- the main compound in clove -- is a powerful antioxidant and analgesic (reduces discomfort), and contains
germ-fighting properties that target bad breath.

Learn more about clove's superpowers in oral health.



Quality Standards 

Steam distilled. Hexane-free. Made in the USA. GFSI and cGMP certified. Certified Organic by Quality Assurance International.

Ingredient Benefits

Menthol and limonene, the primary components of peppermint, naturally stimulate the gums, help combat potentially harmful bacteria, and freshen breath.



Quality Standards 

Steam distilled. Hexane-free. Made in the USA. GFSI and cGMP certified. Certified Organic by Quality Assurance International.

Ingredient Benefits

May alleviate tooth pain and naturally fight potentially harmful bacteria.



Quality Standards 

Steam distilled. Hexane-free. Made in the USA. GFSI and cGMP certified. Certified Organic by Quality Assurance International.

Ingredient Benefits

High in properties that may help fight potentially harmful bacteria and reduce inflammation. Contains the plant-chemicals cineol and propanol, both known to promote a healthy, balanced oral microbiome. 

Learn more about our natural ingredients and their quality standards.



  • 6 oz Glass Bottle, Metal Top

  • Made in USA

  • 2 month supply

“I consider commercial mouthwash to be one of the top dental mistakes made by both dentists and their patients.” — Dr. Mark Burhenne, DDS

  • Redefining Mouthwash.
    As we see it, traditional mouthwashes are at best a waste of money. Oil pulling, on the other hand, especially one that utilizes the right plant-based oils in their pure, minimally processed form, offers a mouthwash that actually does a whole lot of good.

  • Supports a healthy mouth, and a healthy mouth is a healthy body.
    Studies show that many body-wide health issues can start in the mouth. Microscopic tears in the mouth can allow bacteria and harmful pathogens into the bloodstream, taking a toll on the immune system. Maintaining a balanced microbiome, eliminating bad bacteria and opportunistic organisms while enhancing the natural cleansing and rebuilding processes of the mouth is one of the most effective, yet inexpensive, steps you can take to support your overall health.

  • Practice oil pulling first thing in the morning.
    When active and functioning properly, saliva is key to maintaining healthy bacteria levels, controlling the growth of pathogenic organisms, diluting acids produced by bacteria, and repairing tooth enamel. While sleeping, the production and circulation of saliva slow down - as do the benefits. We wake up to a dry mouth full of unpleasant stuff. Practicing oil pulling first thing in the morning moisturizes the mouth while neutralizing and expelling all those unwanted compounds and organisms.

Our Oil Pulling Mouthwash leverages a blend of powerful, natural ingredients in their pure, raw form to deliver the maximum benefits.

We use the highest quality, unrefined, organic sesame seed, and black cumin seed oil. These oils have a long history of healing. And, unlike coconut oil, they don’t solidify at cooler temps.

Each of the 5 essential oils in our balanced formulation were selected for their proven ability to enhance oral health. We chose brown glass bottles for its purity and inert qualities (i.e. does not leach or interact with chemicals), ability to help protect oils from degradation from UV light and sustainability (not plastic and a high recyclability factor).

Unlike “natural” mouthwashes and rinses containing ingredients like xylitol, stevia, or glycerin, Akamai Oil Pulling Mouthwash won’t leave a cloying aftertaste or slick coating on teeth.

Powerful blend of plant-based ingredients & nothing else. It’s mouthwash redefined — 3,000 years in the making.

How to use

  1. Shake well.

  2. Using approximately 1-2 teaspoons (preferably first thing in the morning), swish in mouth with a pulling action for 5 -15 minutes.

  3. Spit out. Since oils can clog pipes over time, it is commonly suggested to spit out in trash. (We spit down the shower drain with no issues). Do not swallow.

  4. Rinse mouth thoroughly with water and brush teeth as normal.


  • For best results, we suggest oil pulling at least 2-3 times per week.

  • If you start to feel like there is too much oil in your mouth, spit some of it out and keep swishing.

  • After oil pulling and rinsing, clean the back of your tongue using a tongue cleaner. This will pull up any toxins that collected at the back of the tongue (these can really accumulate overnight). Instead of swallowing these toxins, scrape them out.

  • Try oil pulling as you shower - it’s a great way to work it into your morning routine.

Will spitting the mouthwash down the drain clog my pipes?

While any oils or fats can lead to clogged pipes over time, we just spit down the drain. It’s commonly suggested to spit oil pulling out in the trash, we find that to be a little impractical. Decide what’s best for you — and if you have any practical solutions please pass along!

Can I use it as a body oil test?

Absolutely. Unrefined sesame seed oil is great for the skin. Being a medium weight oil, our Oil Pulling is heavier than Skin Fuel (our go-to daily light skin moisturizer.) and lighter than Black Balm (our heavy duty skin healer).

Can I use it more than once a day?

Of course! There’s no downside. If you have an active issue, consider oil pulling 3 times daily.

What makes this product sustainable?

  1. Glass bottle + metal cap — no plastic.

  2. Concentrated.

  3. No water.


  • 100% certified organic ingredients

  • biodegradable

What's not in it

  • No nasty chemicals, or harsh ingredients like alcohol known to disrupt the oral biome — killing good bacteria along with the bad.

  • Cheap fillers like water, etc.

Replaces these products

  • Traditional mouthwashes.

  • Oral rinses.

Does your brand check all the boxes?

Does your brand check all the boxes?

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

We stand behind everything we make — investing an enormous amount of time and energy in developing them. If for any reason you are not happy with an item you purchased, you may request a refund or store credit.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 129 reviews


Rhona M.
Love it!


Shannon M.

Love this! It actually tastes good!


Saved me from throat radiation




I like it smell good and I don’t feel the buildup after I use the mineral tooth powder


My favorite! I use this daily!

Caroline B.
Actually love the taste!

I usually use coconut oil when pulling, but sometimes the taste of coconut oil gets annoying! I love the Akamai oil pulling mouthwash! It has an ever so slightly minty flavor that has a gentle and clean smell and taste. My mouth always feels clean and fresh after I use this! Highly recommend!

Mary W.
Oil pulling

Not doing it faithfully yet. But working on that.

Nick G.
Great Product/Proven Ingredients

My wife and I have been using Akamai Oil Pulling Mouthwash for quite some time now, and love it! Removes most sensitivity depending on the severity of your mouth issues; it also leaves your mouth feeling clean after use. The ingredients drew us to the product initially, and the results kept us as loyal customers. Highly recommend.