Why we're not EWG certified

A customer recently asked us if we are EWG Certified. Here is our reply:

The short answer is no. We started the process with EWG but they will not accept our food grade (non-irradiated) Calcium Montmorillonite Bentonite Clay,  which makes up a large part of our Mineral Toothpowder, because it contains trace amounts of naturally occurring heavy metals. Keep in mind, broccoli, kale, spinach and many other vegetables contain naturally occurring heavy metals. You can read more about the science in our Prop 65 statement.

The science is on our side because, based on the structure and attributes of bentonite, it grabs positively charged ions (which are the bad guys) and does not release them (so it is not absorbable). In other words they are not bioavailable. And, ironically, Bentonite Clay is used for detoxing heavy metals and has been ingested safely (for many reasons, including the abundant minerals) for thousands of years and is considered GRAS by the FDA. 

​All of our other products would qualify for verification, but since our #1 best seller, Akamai Mineral Toothpowder, doesn't, and they have the wrong view about the science, we chose not to certify any of our products.

​Our standards are much higher than EWG's (see our ingredients) when it comes to personal care, since we do not use any synthetic chemicals and they allow them, rating them as harmful or less harmful. Synthetic chemicals disrupt our immune system since our bodies are not used to them. And, while some may seem benign, there has been no long term testing on the safety to our health and environment. It would be great if they would rate the quality of the ingredients and the toxicity - they are focused on harm, not benefit. Both are helpful.

​That said, we donate to EWG every year because of the incredible work they do to raise awareness and take action against toxic chemicals in our water, air, land and food.