Is Fulvic Acid the missing link to cellular health?

Fulvic Acid is one of nature’s miracle molecules
It is a powerful electrolyte and antioxidant that, due to its small size, enhances nutrient absorption and can even cross the blood-brain barrier. It is full of naturally occurring nutrients including ionic macro & trace minerals, amino acids, organic acids and vitamins.

But, did you know that fulvic acid is also incredibly high in molecular oxygen, hydrogen and carbon, the most abundant elements in all living things? This is because it represents over 30 million years of freshwater layers and oceanic layers of sediment. Enormous prehistoric plants grew with roots that reached deep into the earth to take up an abundance of nutrients. The soil became a rich humus from countless undisturbed life cycles eventually producing a concentrated variety of organic acid molecules. 

To put it a different way, we are 96% oxygen, carbon and hydrogen. The other 4% are minerals that are critical but only needed in small amounts, acting as catalysts for all the reactions in the body. Fulvic acid has ALL of these 70+ minerals, in a concentrated, plant-based (cell-ready) form.

Fulvic acid may also help detox heavy metals, like mercury and lead, by drawing them into the body’s own detox system for removal. It is the delivery man (of nutrients) and the garbage man (of heavy metals) all in one. 

Cellular health + elemental nutrients = improved overall health 

When you add these all up, it is no wonder that fulvic acid is known to have the ability to improve and heal a wide range of health conditions.

Want to learn how Fulvic Acid can improve your health, specifically?  is a basic website that lists many of the conditions Fulvic Acid can support (as listed above). Just click on a topic in the left hand navigation and you’ll see several studies with a short summary and a link to the full reference. 

This comprehensive paper (48 pages) Fulvic Acid, A Substance Critical to Human Health, goes through, in great detail, the origins of fulvic acid, its major attributes, its usage, potential and how it has impacted humans, animals and agriculture with resources, over 100 scientific studies, anecdotal evidence and more. It is a great read and nearly impossible to summarize.

This is an article from The Foundation for Alternative and Integrative Medicine on The Little Known Miracle of Life: Fulvic Acid.

The “spark of life”, “missing link to health”, “miracle molecule'' and “liquid lightning” have all been used to describe the amazing powers of fulvic acid.

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