Akamai 3 in 1 BAR Body Care Akamai
Akamai 3 in 1 BAR Body Care Akamai
Akamai 3 in 1 BAR Body Care Akamai
Akamai 3 in 1 BAR Body Care Akamai
Akamai 3 in 1 BAR Body Care Akamai
Akamai 3 in 1 BAR Body Care Akamai
Akamai 3 in 1 BAR Body Care Akamai
Akamai 3 in 1 BAR Body Care Akamai

3 in 1 BAR

WASH, SHAVE, SHAMPOO – One bar does it all. Gently cleans skin and hair while delivering a great shave. Loaded with 6 botanical oils, and moisturizing glycerin, carefully balanced to benefit both hair and skin. Natural with no harsh chemicals. Get clean in a healthier way.

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"Outstanding. Incredible to think that one small soap can accomplish so much. Indeed great things come in small packaging. Thanks for the clean ingredients in an environment that is so toxic." — Mart
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3-in-1 Bar in Hand

Product Highlights

  • Simplifies, saves money and helps the environment. Eliminates the need for separate shampoo, shaving cream and body washes / soaps.

  • Great for shaving. Creamy lather and nourishing oils give you a smooth, close shave. Follow up with Skin Fuel.

  • Mild, moisturizing, hypoallergenic body and face wash. "Super fatted" and ideal for all skin types. Remember to rinse more and soap less — just hit the stinky parts!

  • Cleans hair without harsh detergents or plastic bottle waste. Gives you soft, shiny, hair and healthy scalp, with no chemical build-up or residue.

  • Supports a healthy microbiome.

  • No harmful chemicals, detergents, or fragrance.

  • 100% biodegradable. 85% certified organic ingredients. PLUS RSPO Segregated Palm Oil for increased sustainability.

  • Compact size is great for travel & camping.

  • Unscented.

  • “This natural, detergent and fragrance-free shampoo bar is great...” — Men’s Journal

3.5 oz | ~30 day supply | Made in USA 

⚡Step up to our 3 in 1 Bar the plastic-free, concentrated, healthy alternative to liquid soaps!

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As always: No synthetic or natural derived chemicals, cheap fillers, dyes, or fragrances. Color and scents are a byproduct of the ingredients we use. All products contain only pure, minimally processed, natural ingredients and nothing else.


Ingredients / Standards

Saponified RSPO Segregated Palm Oil*, Saponified Coconut Oil*, Water, Glycerin*, Shea Butter*, Extra Virgin Cold Pressed Olive Oil*, Jojoba Oil*, Sodium Citrate, Argan Oil, Jamaican Black Castor Oil, Natural Vitamin E. (*Certified Organic 85.5%)



Quality Standards

“Segregated” means the Palm Oil we use is both certified organic and only comes from certified sustainable sources. Read more about our commitment here »

Ingredient Benefits

Contains hard to find tocotrienols, (members of the vitamin E family) which are high-powered antioxidants. In soap, it is known for its ability to remove dirt and excess oils from hair and skin without stripping them.



Quality Standards

Hexane-free. Refined. Extra Virgin. Cold pressed. Certified Fair Trade.

Ingredient Benefits

Rich in antioxidants, vitamins A, C, and E and a unique combination of fatty acids. Penetrates, moisturizes and supports skin in a way that few other oils can.



Quality Standards

ISO 9001 registered. cGMP certified.

Ingredient Benefits

Acts as a humectant, bringing moisture to the skin. Rich in naturally occurring bioavailable trace & macro minerals, amino acids, and vitamins; vital to a host of cellular functions and aids in tooth remineralization.



Quality Standards

Unrefined. Raw. Certified Fair Trade

Ingredient Benefits

Works to control inflammation, soften and repair skin while conditioning hair and scalp. Rich in stearic, oleic acids and vitamins E and A.



Quality Standards

Hexane-free. Unrefined. Cold-pressed.

Ingredient Benefits

Easily absorbed by skin giving instant and long-lasting hydration and moisture. Rich in vitamins E and B complex, along with the essential mineral Zinc – Golden Jojoba is a healthy, gentle and powerful oil. It hydrates hair and smooths the hair shaft, adding elasticity, softness and shine.



Quality Standards

ISO 9001 registered. cGMP certified. OTCO certified.

Ingredient Benefits

Stabilizes and protects our natural soap oils from going rancid.



Quality Standards

Hexane-free. Unrefined. Cold-pressed.

Ingredient Benefits

Provides deep, nourishing moisture and natural protection from environmental damage for scalp, hair and skin. Rich in omega 6, vitamin A and E. Helps regulate sebum and skin PH.


JAmaican Black castor oil

Quality Standards

Hexane-free. Unrefined. Cold-pressed.

Ingredient Benefits

Rich in Omega 9 and antioxidants, it can promote healthy hair growth and nourish skin. Its balancing properties can help clear up dandruff and skin irritation.



Quality Standards

Non-GMO. Extracted from sunflower oil. ISO 9001 registered. cGMP certified. OTCO certified.

Ingredient Benefits

Acts as a natural preservative for our natural soap. Antioxidants protect cells from the damage caused by free radicals.



(*Certified Organic)

Learn more about our natural ingredients and their quality standards.



3.5 oz | 1 Bar = ~30 day supply

Sure, anybody can make soap. But make it great for shampooing too? That’s not easy.

We set out on a mission to create a bar of soap that was specifically formulated to be great for washing hair, body, and shaving using only the best possible natural ingredients.

Most soaps on the market use harsh detergents that can dry your hair and skin, or botanical oils, that once saponified, are very drying. For hair, you have to strike the right balance of being able to clean, but still be moisturizing, and not build up a residue or feel greasy.

High-quality soap making is an art so we sought out the best in the country and gave them our challenge.

We are big fans of coconut oil (for everything!), so we started there. We researched and tested many coconut-based formulas on the market, and even though they offered some great skin benefits, found them to be too drying. Palm gives a rich lather and pairs well with coconut to create a long-lasting, moisturizing bar that is high in glycerin (for skin conditioning) – this became our soap base.

In Jan 2019 we improved our 3 in 1 Bar further. Upgrading to 85% certified organic ingredients and moving to RSPO Segregated Palm Oil —our palm is now both certified organic and only comes from certified sustainable plantations. All part of our ongoing journey of continual improvement and increased sustainability. Learn more

We then took the extra step and expense of “superfatting” – adding the highest concentration of oils possible to our soap base in order to make it as rich, moisturizing, and conditioning as possible.

The oils had to be the absolute best for skin, shaving and hair, so we worked with our soap maker to choose highly effective, proven oils: Shea Butter, Olive Oil, Golden Jojoba Oil, Jamaican Black Castor Oil, Argan Oil. Akamai 3 in 1 Bar was born.

How to use

  • Body & Face Cleanser: Soap where you need it. The beneficial oils will leave skin conditioned, clean, and smooth, not tight or dry.

  • Shaving: Rub bar across area to shave, and use hands to create a lather. Rich oils help the razor glide across your skin for a clean, close, comfortable shave. Follow your shave with Akamai Skin Fuel to help soothe, moisturize, and heal.

  • Shampoo: Rub bar across hair to create a lather. Massage your scalp and work through your hair. Rinse well. If you need hair conditioner, apply a pump of Akamai Skin Fuel to wet hair – you can rinse or leave in for extra conditioning.


  • Over-washing of the skin can remove good, useful bacteria and can dry your skin out. We think it is wise to rinse more and only soap up when you really need it. Rinse more, soap less.

  • Transitioning from regular shampoo to our Akamai 3 in 1 Bar. If you’ve been using a shampoo free of detergents (SLS/SLES) then you’ll have no problem using our natural soap right away with good results. However, if your shampoo (or soap) contains detergents, your scalp will continue its cycle of overproducing oil to offset the stripping effects. This can result in oilier hair for a short time. So keep in mind it might take a week or two for your scalp to adjust to this gentler approach.

  • Travel, Outdoor & Camping Friendly. Our multipurpose, natural soap can be used for all of your on the go washing needs, even your mess kit, and clothing. 100% biodegradable, earth-friendly ingredients.

  • One Akamai 3 in 1 Bar will likely last one person 30 days with "typical" use. (However, if you use our recommended method of washing where you “just hit the stinky parts” when showering — and wash hair once a week, expect the bar to last about 60 days).

How do I transition from my regular shampoo to Akamai's 3 in 1 bar?

Our gentle, natural soap bar was meticulously formulated to be a great shampoo. If you are transitioning from traditional shampoos & conditioners, there may be an adjustment period of 3 – 5 washes. (The length of your hair & how long you’ve been using regular shampoo is also a factor). Make sure you lather well and rinse thoroughly.

Since many shampoo brands recommend washing hair daily AND contain detergents that dry out your scalp, your scalp is forced to produce excess oil to offset the drying effects. Time to break the cycle! We (and most people outside of the personal care industry) recommend only washing hair 1-2 times per week.

I have hard water. How can I reduce the effects of soap buildup especially in my hair?

Using a vinegar rinse (20% ACV to water) will help remove chemical and mineral build up from hard water and residues left behind from most shampoos and conditioners (particularly silicones).

What is RSPO Palm Oil?

Segregated RSPO Palm Oil = Sustainably grown. The RSPO was founded in 2005 to create a system for certifying sustainably grown palm oil, and to create guidelines of membership for certified growers. These guidelines cover more than just environmental stewardship; members of the RSPO must report on and provide better working conditions, better wages, and foster local discussions and input on their impact on local and native land. These principles and criteria for members of the RSPO help ensure that the certified palm oil is produced under legal, socially and environmentally responsible management. The World Wildlife Fund has given the RSPO a thumbs up as a big step in the right direction for the production of palm oil in “providing assurance that valuable tropical forests have not been cleared, and social safeguards have been met during the oil’s production” of Certified Sustainable Palm Oil. Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) certified sustainable palm oil is an ingredient found in our 3 in 1 Bar - our natural soap made for washing, shaving and shampooing. Read more about our commitment to sustainably sourced palm oil here.

What makes this product sustainable?

This bar is a multi-tool for your bathroom routine. It’s a smart way to reduce products, waste, and fuss.

Replaces these products

  • Face wash

  • Body cleanser

  • Shampoo

  • Shave cream

  • Hand soap


  • Uncoated paper wrapper made from 100% post consumer waste.


  • 85% certified organic ingredients

  • Biodegradable

What's not in it

  • No nasty chemicals, such as sulfates (SLS, SLES) detergents, parabens, fragrance, dioxane, DEA, formaldehyde, PEG-6

  • Cheap fillers like water, etc.


“This little guy clearly delivers: clean skin & hair, and plenty of lather that you can build up just using your fingers, for a smooth shave.” — Mensgear Review: Akamai Personal Care Essentials Kit

“This natural, detergent and fragrance-free shampoo bar is great for temperamental or itchy scalps (and people who shave their heads). Bonus: It acts as a shave cream and body cleanser, too.” — Men’s Journal Best Hair Products for Men to Have a Good Hair Day Every Day


Best shampoo bar
“I’ve used other shampoo bars, but this one has a better lather and makes my hair feel cleaner. It doesn’t have a strong smell which I like.” —Tori S.

3 in 1 Bar
“I use and have used the bar for several months all over my body, and have been very pleased with the results. Doesn't dry out my face skin, body skin or scalp. Makes it very simple to shower with as it covers everything. Very happy with my purchases of Akamai products and would highly recommend you give them a try.” —Fred F.

Perfect All in One!
“This is really a great 3 in 1 bar. It washes my long hair well and works great as soap and shaving cream. My whole family enjoys the soft scent that it has, even though it is free of fake fragrances and chemicals. I love how pure it is! I'm not sure that you would find anything else out there that is quite as safe for your skin and covers all these jobs.” —Sarah

Good Clean
“I love the 3 in one bar especially the ease of shaving. Never got a closer one! And I love how clean my hair gets but it doesn't leave it feeling conditioned, so I only use it occasionally for my hair. However, if I'm in a hurry, one bar does it all, top to toe.” —Dawn M.

Does your brand check all the boxes?

Does your brand check all the boxes?

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

We stand behind everything we make — investing an enormous amount of time and energy in developing them. If for any reason you are not happy with an item you purchased, you may request a refund or store credit.

Learn more here

Customer Reviews

Based on 200 reviews

This is amazing!!

Maria M.
silky hair

I primarily bought this as a shampoo bar but it works nice as a soap bar also It lathers well and rinses well. As a shampoo it did not dry out my hair the way my “all natural” shampoo does. My hair lloked and felt so much better….soft and silky.

Tori S.
Best shampoo bar

I’ve used other shampoo bars, but this one has a better lather and makes my hair feel cleaner. It doesn’t have a strong smell which I like.


Enjoyed this simple soap and use it daily.

John R.

3 in 1 BAR

brandee e.
Great soap!

Feels clean and natural. Really liked this soap. I just used it on my body so I don’t know how it works on hair.

john t.

3 in 1 BAR

Dawn M.
Good clean

I love the 3 in one bar especially the ease of shaving. Never got a closer one! And I love how clean my hair gets but it doesn't leave it feeling conditioned, so I only use it occasionally for my hair. However, if I'm in a hurry, one bar does it all, top to toe.


The soaps are easy to take with us when we travel and use for everything shampoo shaving bathing etcetera


Giving as Christmas gifts; I have not opened them yet but excited to give as gifts!!!