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The Personal Care Industrial Complex promotes an array of products that we don't truly need. They crank stuff out and make us think we need them. Let’s stop feeding the beast. 


(UN)PRODUCTS™ fall into two categories:

    1. Things you can do (vs buy) — think lifestyle changes, simple habits to adopt, and experiential learning. All rooted in clear, rational thinking, age-old wisdom & modern science.

    2. Products that are a waste of money — we create a compelling case to avoid buying, using, and having them be a part of your life. 

(UN)PRODUCTS™ are about doing more vs buying more.

Coming soon…

(UN)PRODUCT™ Shaving cream | gel| lotion

(UN)PRODUCT™  Shampoo & Hair Conditioners

(UN)PRODUCT™  Mouthwash

(UN)PRODUCT™  Meditation 

(UN)PRODUCT™  Journaling

(UN)PRODUCT™  Applied Positive Psychology

(UN)PRODUCT™  Integration 

...and more