Fight bad bacteria and remineralize, naturally. Made in USA using only 100% natural ingredients — pure, minimally processed, bioactive & nutrient rich. None of the junk found in toothpastes marketed as “natural”. Plastic-free, refillable system.

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“Akamai has considered every component of an ideal toothpaste: the pH, abrasiveness, natural antimicrobials, and the ideal ratio of trace minerals and essential oils to maximize absorption and promote a healthy mouth. It is a fantastic product that I would recommend to any of my patients."
— Dr. Andrea Mustian, DMD Harvard School of Dental Medicine

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Product Highlights

  • Every ingredient is food-grade, 100% natural & supports oral health. So pure, clean & natural you can eat it!
  • Supports tooth remineralization & healthy gums. Supercharged with nourishing “living clays", over 72 bioavailable trace and macro minerals and Fulvic Acid.
  • Fights bad bacteria that can lead to tooth decay, gum disease & bad breath with clays, baking soda & organic essential oils.
  • Detoxes. Ingredients bind to and remove heavy metals, bad bacteria, viruses and other toxins from your mouth.
  • Reduces acidity that can encourage tooth decay with a high Alkaline PH of 9.5.
  • Gently whitens and polishes teeth. Removes stains, while reducing plaque and tartar. RDA is 81 and CEI (Cleaning Efficiency Index) is 2.65 —rated as "extremely effective" in cleaning stains by an independent 3rd party lab. learn more
  • Refillable, plastic-free system. Glass jar with metal lid. Refills come in compostable cellulose pouches. Zero waste.
  • Third party tested. Ingredients are third-party tested for heavy metals & microbial contamination. Produced in facility that follows Good Manufacturing Processes & procedures.
  • NO naturally derived or artificial ingredients. No silica, glycerin, fluoride, or nano particles either. (Naturally derived is not truly natural)
  • NO hydroxyapatite or nHAp. Supports remineralization without this ingredient.
  • NO sweeteners or "natural" flavorings. E.g. Stevia and sugar alcohols such as Sorbitol & Xylitol.
  • Vegan, cruelty-free & non-GMO.
  • Part of our Oral Care System endorsed Dr. Mark Hyman as a Mark’s Picks.

2 month supply | 1.9 oz / 40 grams | Made in USA 

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We’ve been led to believe toothpastes that are marketed as “clean, natural and non-toxic ” are healthy and good for us. However, due to widespread greenwashing and healthwashing, you'll discover most are not.



We’ve been led to believe toothpastes that are marketed as “clean, natural and non-toxic ” are healthy and good for us. However, due to widespread greenwashing and healthwashing, you'll discover most are not.


100% natural. All of our products are made using powerful, effective, truly natural ingredients — and nothing else. Pure, minimally processed and nutrient dense. Clean enough you can eat it.

Ingredients / Standards

Calcium Montmorillonite Bentonite Clay, Kaolin Clay, Baking Soda, Himalayan Salt, Fulvic Acid / Trace Mineral Concentrate, Essential Oils of Peppermint*, Cinnamon*, Clove*, Tea Tree*, and Anise. (*Certified Organic)


Quality Standards

Edible/Therapeutic/Food grade. Certified GRAS. Raw and non-irradiated, "living clay". Not chemically processed, heat treated or "cleaned" in any way. Mined in USA from pure, pristine, ancient deposits.

Ingredient Benefits

Rich in bioavailable minerals, including calcium, magnesium, silica, and potassium, all beneficial to teeth and gums. Mildly abrasive to gently polish, clean, and whiten teeth. Binds with heavy metals, toxins and harmful bacteria and viruses removing them from your mouth. Macrominerals support the tooth remineralization process. Contains beneficial bacterial to support a healthy oral biome.



Quality Standards

Food grade, aluminum-free

Ingredient Benefits

Sodium bicarbonate is a gentle yet effective stain remover that also increases alkalinity (high PH) to help reduce demineralization.



Quality Standards

Chemical free / cold water extraction. Independent 3rd party laboratory testing for strength, potency, composition and integrity. cGMP certified, FSMA & HACCP FDA Compliant. Mined from pure, USA clay deposits of ancient plant and marine material.

Ingredient Benefits

Plant and marine-based Fulvic acid, rich in naturally occurring bioavailable trace minerals, macro minerals, amino acids, and vitamins; cell-ready absorption; 72 trace minerals are vital to a host of cellular functions and aid in tooth remineralization. Helps cellular health which improves overall oral and body health. Binds with toxins, heavy metals bad bacteria and viruses removing them from your mouth.



Quality Standards

Food grade, unrefined. Quality tested for heavy metals. Ethically Sourced. Kosher Certified.

Ingredient Benefits

Also called Pink Himalayan Salt, this salt comes from dry remnants of the original primal sea, mined 5000 feet below the surface near the Himalayas. It is naturally rich and macro and trace minerals and helps encourage salivation, keeping the mouth moist while remineralizing teeth.



Quality Standards

Steam distilled. Hexane-free. Made in the USA. GFSI and cGMP certified.

Ingredient Benefits

These oils work together to reduce plaque, freshen breath, reduce inflammation and fight cavities, bad bacteria, and viruses.

Learn more about our natural ingredients and their quality standards.



  • 2 month supply
  • 1.9 oz / 40 grams
  • Made in USA
  • Amber glass bottle, metal lid
  • Compostable cellulose pouches refills (sold separately).

Akamai Mineral Toothpowder helps remineralize teeth in 5 key ways.

  1. All the minerals you need. Loaded with 72 macro and trace minerals you get all the minerals needed for remineralization to occur (not just calcium and phosphorus found in hydroxyapatite). In addition, the particle size and nature of the minerals get into dental tubule openings to remineralize.

  2. Controls cavity causing bad bacteria. Essential oils attack bad bacteria while clays trap and remove bacteria along with the toxins they emit which can erode teeth.

  3. Contains no ingredients that can inhibit remineralization such as glycerin which coats teeth.

  4. Promotes salivation. Saliva helps remineralize teeth by washing them with the minerals already in your body.

  5. Reduces acidity. An acidic mouth can cause demineralization.

Why we don’t use Hydroxyapatite

  1. Most “natural” toothpastes use a synthetic nanoparticle form called NHap. And nanoparticles have never been proven safe in long term studies. In fact, it appears the EU plans to ban Nano Hydroxyaptite in 2022/23.
  2. The natural form of hydroxyapatite is mostly calcium and phosphorus and is highly processed so less bioavailable (absorbable by the body).
  3. Our 100% natural, nutrient-dense Mineral Toothpowder is loaded with bioavailable macro & trace minerals to assist in remineralization. It has all the minerals needed for remineralization to occur.
  4. With a healthy diet, proper nutrients & oral care routine, teeth will remineralize naturally.
  5. Man-made synthetic and naturally derived ingredients are not natural or needed for the body to self heal — in fact they may cause harm.

NOTE: many toothpaste brands that use natural Hydroxyapatite in their formulas link to studies that show the effectiveness of synthetic Nano-hydroxyapatite, not the natural forms. So claims of "natural Hydroxyapatite" being "clinically proven" are misleading.

Want to learn more? See our blog post Hydroxyapatite for Remineralizing Teeth - Is it Safe?

The amazing benefits of Living Clays.

Our Mineral Toothpowder is made with raw, non-irradiated, therapeutic grad Calcium Montmorillonite Clay (a superior form of calcium bentonite). This “Living Clay” has some amazing benefits and is naturally rich in nutrients and beneficial bacteria

Living Clays are a very special kind of clay that is able to bond to pathogens like heavy metals, bad bacteria, viruses and toxins and safely remove them from our bodies. Since these clays are negatively charged, and pathogens are positively charged, they attract each other. Cool!

Since it is raw, unrefined and non irradiated it is also loaded with beneficial bacteria to support a healthy oral microbiome and mouth. And it releases a bounty of mineral nutrients that support tooth remineralization.

Most clay you see in natural toothpaste is highly processed and does not offer these multiple benefits. It’s like comparing a highly processed food to a whole food!

FYI - the definition of a Living Clay refers to a class of mineral (crystal) in nature that encompasses all elements science associates with biological life…but more on that later!

How to use

  1. Wet toothbrush.
  2. Shake off excess water.
  3. Dip the top half of your toothbrush in the powder (you don't need much).
  4. Brush gently and mindfully (we like the Bass Method).


  • IMPORTANT: To get the best results, set aside any other toothpaste you may have been using. Our Mineral Toothpowder is very carefully balanced to support oral health, a healthy microbiome and remineralization. Even supposedly "natural" toothpastes contain ingredients that may reduce optimal effectiveness. So set aside your old toothpaste and see how much better your teeth and gums are at your next dental cleaning!  
  • The longer you leave our remineralizing toothpowder in your mouth, the more nutrients will be absorbed. Instead of rinsing, add water to your mouth and swish it around for a while before spitting. No need to rinse.
  • Brushing your teeth is a great time to slow down. If you normally rush, try brushing a bit slower and intentionally focusing on areas that might need special attention. Great for your oral health, easy on your bathroom since it also cuts down on toothpaste splatter. Try our bamboo toothbrush.
  • Recommended and safe to use with sensitive teeth. In fact, sensitivity may very well reduce over time.
  • Have bad breath? Our Tongue Cleaner is a simple, effective tool that can help.  
  • Looking to optimize your oral care routine? Per the advice of Dr. Steven Koral (DMD Harvard) and the team at Boulder Holistic Dentistry: take Fulvic Mineral Complex (to feed your teeth and gums from the inside out). This has been a game changer for us and thousands more.
  • Prefer a paste? Add some of our Oil Pulling Mouthwash, a little at a time, to form a paste to your desired consistency - adding oil is better than water, which will dry out faster in a jar. OR, you can mix in colloidal silver for extra bad bacteria fighting power (or try both).

Here are just a few of the hundreds of endorements we've received...

Dental Professionals

Akamai has considered every component of an ideal toothpaste: the pH, abrasiveness, natural antimicrobials, and the ideal ratio of trace minerals and essential oils to maximize absorption and promote a healthy mouth. It is a fantastic product that I would recommend to any of my patients."
— Dr. Andrea Mustian, DMD Harvard School of Dental Medicine

As a registered dental hygienist, this is my favorite toothpaste. They have packed so many good ingredients into this paste; liposomal Co Q10, trace minerals, a healthy balance of essentials oils in a detoxifying clay base. It leaves my mouth feeling clean & fresh. It's Akamai or nothing at all for me!
— Shannon Gleichmann RDH, BS

Healthcare Professionals

Thank you, Akamai for creating a toothpaste that is genuinely good for us. Love the product and the thoughtfulness that went into its formulation.”
— Will Vanderveer, MD


If you’re willing to adjust your sense of what toothpaste should taste and feel like, then this natural toothpaste will offer actual health benefits, i.e. remineralization, rather than the mostly cosmetic benefits of conventional toothpaste.” — Treehugger

We searched high and low for an all natural, toxin-free, remineralizing toothpaste for our family but weren’t satisfied with what we found. Even the “natural” remineralizing toothpastes contained cheap fillers, sweeteners, and ingredients that aren’t beneficial to oral health. Out of frustration, we dove deep into understanding what makes a healthy mouth and strong teeth and started creating our own formulation. We enlisted the help of Dr. Steve Koral (a true pioneer and leader of holistic dentistry and graduate of Harvard Dental School, summa cum laude) and other holistic industry experts to help us refine our formulation and make our remineralizing toothpaste truly powerful.

It took several years but it was worth it. Our remineralizing toothpaste powder delivers on everything we feel is truly important: 100% natural, nourishing, healing, effective at fighting bad bacteria and cleaning teeth, completely safe and free of any of the junk found in tpyical natural toothpastes. For us it has to be eco-friendly, so we elminated plastic tubes and water moving to powder form delivered in glass jars with metal lids and compostable refills. Akamai Mineral Toothpowder was born.

Once you try our remineralizing toothpaste powder you won’t go back to the sweet, chalky traditional toothpastes laden with fillers (gums, glycerin), synthetic chemicals (fluoride, triclosan, sorbate, propylene glycol, SLS, artificial colors and “flavors”) artificial sugar (saccharin) or sugar alcohols (xylitol, sorbitol). Or the chalky sweet powders that do nothing other than clean and polish your teeth. Even “natural” brands often use synthetics, sweeteners and cheap fillers - check your labels!

Q: How abrasive is your toothpowder?

A: The RDA for our toothpowder is around 100. Ideally formulated to remove stains while protecting and preserving tooth enamel.


Q: Is it safe to dip my toothbrush in the powder?

A: Our Mineral Toothpaste Powder (aka Mineral Toothpowder) should not become contaminated, even when sharing. Every ingredient is naturally antibacterial - in fact, our Calcium Montmorillonite Clay is antibacterial, antimicrobial and antiviral. In addition, the high PH (between 9 and 10) is another factor in limiting any type of contamination (viruses and bad bacteria typically can't thrive in a waterless, high PH environment).


Q: Why should I avoid common ingredients like glycerin, foaming agents, guar gum, natural sweeteners and fluoride, common in natural toothpastes?

A: Some ingredients found in commercial brands and even natural brands can be harmful. Others are unnecessary and provide no real benefits to your oral health. Check out Not So Good Ingredients in Natural Toothpastes and 7 Disturbing Facts About Chemicals in Personal Care Products to learn more.

The other big issue is that most of the natural and commercial brands of toothpaste or toothpowder do not contain natural ingredients to fight bad bacteria and/or help remineralize teeth, which is the whole point of brushing your teeth and effective oral care.


Q: Why did you get rid of the Toothpaste?

A: While toothpaste is pretty convenient, from an environmental standpoint, it's a bit of a disaster — with an estimated 1 billion tubes tossed annually. Plus, one of our goals is to sell products that are concentrated — eliminating fillers (even water) whenever we can.

To continue making a paste, we would have had to compromise the purity of our ingredient deck by adding "industry accepted" antibacterials/preservatives — a line we will not cross.

We will not bend when it comes to adding any suspect ingredients into our products — this includes things like naturally derived/“supposedly benign” preservatives. Taking the water out of the paste removes these concerns since, without it, we remove the possibility of unwanted bacterial growth.

Improving our health, while improving the health of our planet is one of our core values and we believe they co-create each other.

See our help section for more questions and answers...

Do you live in California? Please read the statement below. While we love the idea of Prop 65, we are not fans of how the law was written - when it comes to natural substances, it promotes ignorance vs. knowledge.

As required by the State of California, so that we can legally sell this product to residents of that state, we must put the following language on our site: California Proposition 65 WARNING: This product contains a chemical known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects or other reproductive harm.

This is because one of the ingredients we use, Bentonite Clay, can have low levels of heavy metals in it. Sounds scary, right? However, the naturally occurring (organic) heavy metals in clay are molecularly bound to clay particles – meaning they are not bioavailable, and can’t be absorbed.

Clay is powerful stuff. It’s positively charged ions bind to heavy metals so that they are contained and expelled rather than absorbed by our bodies. In fact, one of bentonite clay’s many therapeutic uses is to consume orally to remove heavy metals from your body – a process called “chelating”.

Prop 65 is a law with good intentions but with major flaws. For example, Prop 65 limits for lead are so low, almost all plant foods (eg. green beans, spinach, avocados, etc.) contain amounts higher than allowed by this law, but they do NOT carry the warning.

Furthermore, eating the USDA recommended 3 – 5 servings of vegetables could expose you to 10X the maximum allowed by Prop 65. (In fact, 1 serving of our toothpaste has less lead it in than 1 serving of many plant foods.)

In addition, Prop 65 does a poor job of clearly exempting items like clay where heavy metals are in an organic, bound, non-bioavailable form -- and many are pushing for reforms to Prop 65.

So, remember these 2 important points: 1) Heavy metals in bentonite clay are not bioavailable and cannot be absorbed, 2) bentonite clay helps remove heavy metals from your body.

We believe our toothpaste is 100% safe for ourselves, our family and you.

Learn more in our FAQs.

Does your brand check all the boxes?

WHAT MATTERS AKAMAI Most "Natural" Brands

100% natural ingredients ONLY

No cheap fillers (eg water, thickeners, gums)

Minimally processed, nutrient dense ingredients ONLY

Leverages transdermal effect to improve health

Supports microbiomes

No fragrances, sweeteners or flavorings

No synthetic, naturally derived or toxic chemicals

Vegan, cruelty, gluten & petrochemical free

Blows past EWG Certified Standards

Multipurpose products (e.g 3-1 Bar, Skin Fuel)

Simplified, health focused routines

Sustainable packaging (eg. glass, refillable system, compostable)

Fair pricing (high quality and reasonable prices. Direct to consumer / no middle man)

No greenwashing or healthwashing

Won't sell you things you don't need

Certified B Corporation (we use business as a force for good)

1% For the Planet Member (donate 1% of sales to environmental causes)

Carbon neutral shipping

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

We stand behind everything we make — investing an enormous amount of time and energy in developing them. If for any reason you are not happy with an item you purchased, you may request a refund or store credit.
Learn more here

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

We stand behind everything we make investing an enormous amount of time and energy in developing them. If for any reason you are not happy with an item you purchased, you may request a refund or store credit.

Learn more here

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

We stand behind everything we make — investing an enormous amount of time and energy in developing them. If for any reason you are not happy with an item you purchased, you may request a refund or store credit.


Learn more here


Customer Reviews

Based on 726 reviews
Karen S.
Interesting. ❤️

I’m still assessing… I feel like there is something very good about this product. My teeth DEFINITELY feel clean. Not loving the pasty mess I make in the sink but I just clean it up! I’d like to use this product until my next dental visit to see if there’s any noticeable gum / teeth differences. I do not have issues except a little recession because of age.

Excellent tooth powder

So happy I found this tooth powder! It has helped not only the health of my teeth but my gums as well.

Mineral toothpaste

The mineral tooth powder is a game changer. I am a dental hygienist. I recommend it to all my patients. It is a different at first. Then once you get used to it you will never go back to regular tooth paste. My teeth have never so clean.


This is an awesome product. I will be buying this from now on. It not only kills the germs it polished my teeth and removed the stains.

Courtney H.
Cure for Gum Recession

I use the Mineral Toothpowder as my only toothpaste. This has cured my gum recession. I buy the refills regularly and prefer that to having to buy a glass jar each time. Much gratitude to //Akamai.

Love the Mineral Powder & oil pulling

Have been using the tooth powder and oil pulling and my gums and teeth have improved SO MUCH! Highly recommend and I appreciate the customer service from this company. I received a damaged fulvic acid and they were quick to reach out to me and send me a new one. Will definitely be repurchasing their products !

Priscila C.
Amazing Product!

Lately I've been all about trying the most natural products to live a more healthier and clean lifestyle. Within just a couple days I could clearly see my teeth whitened, and the feel of them just cleaner overall. I flossed daily and did all the things but never felt like my teeth were 100% clean. I had a lot of tartar and that too is gone. Cannot recommend this enough!

Tina K.
Tooth powder

It's only been a week. I like that it has more flavor than the other I have tried.

Staci A.
So surprised!

I was cautiously optimistic and pleasantly pleased! It only took two brushings to get used to the powder. The mint is subtle and there is nothing chemically about it. My teeth feel so polished and clean. I wear a night guard to prevent grinding - my breath doesn’t smell bad in the mornings anymore! Yay! That’s worth it right there. Buy it. You won’t regret it.


Toothpaste came very highly recommended. I am getting used to powder vs paste, but I do like it!