How a Healthy Mouth Helps Strengthen Your Immunity

Turmeric, green tea, vitamin C, vitamin D, glutathione, zinc, fulvic acid (among others) are all great ways to boost your immune system. But, did you know that another way to boost your immune system is to make sure you have a healthy mouth?

Here’s why - your immune system only has a limited number of resources (immune cells in the form of antibodies, white blood cells) that can be used to help keep the entire body healthy. If your body’s resources are focused on fighting an oral health problem, such as an excess of harmful bacteria in your mouth, it may have fewer immune cells available to fight other health threats. This can make you more susceptible to getting sick.

To keep your mouth healthy, and your immune system ready to fight, it is important that your oral care products do the following : 

1. Fight bad bacteria, while balancing the microbiome.  Balancing means keeping the good bacteria around to keep the bad bacteria in check.  Ideally, your oral care does more than just keep your teeth and gums healthy; it should balance bacteria and fight toxins and pathogens. Ingredients like clays can fight not only pathogens (e.g., bad bacteria) but also heavy metals and anything positively charged (aka the bad guys). Check out Mineral Toothpowder with living clay.
2. Physically remove bad bacteria with floss, a toothbrush and our tongue cleaner. Keep in mind, using a toothbrush to scrub your tongue is not nearly as effective as a tongue cleaner, which removes the bacteria from the tongue and mouth. 

    : if you get sick and have a white coated tongue, use our tongue cleaner in the morning and night. This is very helpful especially if you have a sore throat  - follow up with a salt gargle.

    3. Systemically remove toxins and bad bacteria. Oil pulling reaches 100% of your mouth and can reach deeper into the body, assuming you use for 15 minutes or longer.

    4. Increase PH, above 7. Bad bacteria thrive in an acidic environment. Your toothpaste or powder, should be closer to 9 or 10 PH. If not, follow brushing with an alkaline rinse using 1/4 teaspoon of baking soda in 2 ounces of water (or make a larger batch and keep it in the bathroom).

      If you follow our 5 step Oral Care Routine, and Guide to Holistic Oral Health, using our Natural Oral Care, your teeth and gums will stay strong and healthy, and so will your immune system!

      Here’s to your health!