Earth Day — Are the brands you support really helping our planet?

Among other things, Earth Day is a reminder to watch out for greenwashing. 

Your choices — where you spend your money and how much you consume — make a difference. We all want to take action. And these two choices offer high-impact ways to affect positive change. 

There are many brands that greenwash or only care about the appearance of doing good – rather than actually doing good. 


In the realm of personal care, rather than supporting brands that…

  1. Overstate their impact — e.g. “Use our brand, and you will save the planet from plastic!”

  2. Use a slew of manmade or naturally derived, aka fake natural ingredients.

  3. Encourage you to buy products you don't need.

  4. Are sold through mega corporations trashing our Earth.

  5. Charge too much for what they offer.

  6. Don't give back.

…support companies and causes that are doing good and making a true impact. 

So, how does Akamai help people and the planet?

  • Since 2017, we’ve been leaders and pioneers, showing individuals and society a better way. Health and sustainability are baked into our DNA.

  • Our wise routines and core essential products eliminate all but what is necessary. This reduces demands on natural resources, reduces post-consumer waste, and saves money. We sell you less, not more.

  • We offer thought leadership, helping separate the signal from the noise in the realm of core wellbeing and truth.

  • We donate 1% of sales to high-impact non-profits, like Farmers Footprint. Learn more here.

  • We use minimal packaging, avoid plastics and offer refills.

  • We use compostable packing peanuts and recycled cardboard.

  • All packages are shipped carbon neutral.