Discover why Oil Pulling is so incredibly good for you.

Oil Pulling

A natural way to detox, reduce plaque, freshen your breath and whiten teeth. 

Have you tried oil pulling yet? Consider this:

The human mouth has the second largest and most diverse microbiota after the gut, with over 700 species of bacteria. In fact, there are numerous microorganisms which include bacteria, fungi, viruses and protozoa. This complex habitat, made up of the teeth and soft tissues, is the initiation point of digestion, and is crucial for oral health and systemic health.

Teeth represent only 10 percent of surfaces in your mouth. Brushing and flossing are important for displacing and removing debris and bacteria from your mouth, but they are limited. Oil pulling reaches virtually 100% of your mouth.

Oil pulling is rooted in the 3,000-year-old tradition of Ayurvedic medicine and is scientifically proven to improve oral health. It’s a powerful multitasker that offers a natural way to detox, reduce plaque, freshen your breath and whiten teeth.
Whether you’re new to oil pulling or have already incorporated oil pulling into your oral care routine, here’s a summary of the benefits.
  1. Helps prevent cavities and control bad breath with natural bactericides present in all of the ingredients.

  2. Helps reduce bleeding gums and inflammation due to the soothing properties of sesame oil and black cumin seed oil.

  3. Detoxifies the mouth and body by pulling oils through the oral cavity, drawing toxins out of the bloodstream through the mucous membrane.

  4. Helps whiten teeth due to the scrubbing effect from the emulsification of oil and saliva when swishing.

  5. Reduces acidity that can encourage tooth decay by alkalizing the entire mouth.

  6. Supports a healthy, balanced oral microbiome.

  7. Superior cleaning, dislodging trapped food and bacteria. Oil pulling reaches 100% of oral surfaces. Brushing only reaches approximately 60% of mouth surfaces.

  8. 7 pure, natural 100% certified organic ingredients for maximum effectiveness. And nothing else.

  9. Leverages the powerful nutrients from unrefined sesame seed oil. Used in Ayurvedic medicine for the past 3,000 yrs.

  10. High quality, amber glass bottle. Eliminates plastic, while naturally preserving oil.

  11. Vegan, cruelty-free & non-GMO.
Consider adding oil pulling to your oral care routine and trying our Oil Pulling Mouthwash. It provides an optimal blend of natural, certified organic, cold-pressed, unrefined oils to help nourish and detoxify your mouth and gums.
Oil Pulling Mouthwash is part of our powerful Oral Care System which has all the essentials needed to support a healthy oral biome, strong teeth & gums. It also helps lower long term oral care costs, while detoxifying the body and is good for the planet since everything is sustainable made.