A game changing book on healthy sun exposure & sun management.

As you know we care about multiple aspects when it comes to true health and well-being.

Co-founder (and my wife) Marni Shymkus introduced me to Embrace the Sun, an eye-opening book regarding our relationship to sun exposure and its impact (positive and negative) on health.

"You follow your doctor's recommendations, dutifully putting on sunscreen or staying out of the sun. You take recommended supplements, maybe even vitamin D, but is this truly the best for your health? Authors Marc B. Sorenson and William B. Grant say, "No. "

"Embrace the Sun presents information from over 1,200 research papers that show regular sun may prolong your life and remarkably increase your likelihood of staying healthy. What is this research? Why does my doctor not know it? Why has our culture had such an about-face regarding the sun? Is the sun really a demon?" - Amazon.com.

We feel this book is truly important and want to give you a taste of what's in it. Sound interesting?

  1. Learn more about the book on Amazon (2-3 min).

  2. Read a 10pg preview of the book here (our apologies for the poor quality, this is our crude scan) (10 min).

  3. Buy the book and support the author. Read it. (280 pgs, 5-7 hrs) Do it. Understanding something like this is important — right?

  4. Share this blog post with others.

Since learning about this book, I've made daily sun exposure even more of a priority. (As always, avoiding getting burned — that's where damage happens).

Here are some practical tools and tips we use for healthy sun management.

  1. Use of physical sunblocks e.g long sleeve shirt, hat.

  2. Gradual sun exposure to build melanin.

  3. Use the dminder app if you’re going to sit out and "suntan".

  4. Arm yourself with basic information & use your head. (We spend time managing important things like what we put in and on our bodies, our personal finances, etc. — proper sun management warrants the same kind of care and attention).

  5. Check out the Sunlight Institute as another resource.

If you think protecting your skin’s health, getting enough Vitamin D, and understanding our relationship with the sun over billions of years of evolution is important— read this book and spread the word.

As always see our disclaimer (at the bottom of this website). And like the author states, "This book is not meant to substitute for the counsel of a qualified health professional... The reader is advised to consult a health professional before making any changes in sunlight exposure." Be sure to read their full disclaimer found inside the book.

Author: Vincent Cobb, co-founder.
(First published 6.8.21, updated 6.19.23)