Akamai SHAVE KIT Kit Akamai
Akamai SHAVE KIT Kit Akamai
Akamai SHAVE KIT Kit Akamai
Akamai SHAVE KIT Kit Akamai
Akamai SHAVE KIT Kit Akamai
Akamai SHAVE KIT Kit Akamai
Akamai SHAVE KIT Kit Akamai
Akamai SHAVE KIT Kit Akamai
Akamai SHAVE KIT Kit Akamai
Akamai SHAVE KIT Kit Akamai
Akamai SHAVE KIT Kit Akamai
Akamai SHAVE KIT Kit Akamai
Akamai SHAVE KIT Kit Akamai
Akamai SHAVE KIT Kit Akamai


Our smart, simple shaving solution. Our shaving kit includes everything you need for a smooth, close shave and healthy skin. No gimmicks, nasty chemicals or stuff you don't need.

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"Checks all the boxes. These three products are such a beautiful combination - I use this kit for a clean, burn-free shave, but also - LOVE - that I can count 8+ other products I no longer need, as the Skin Fuel and Soap are multi-function at their core!" —CO
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akamai shave kit

Shave Kit Highlights

This kit contains 1 of each of these products:

  • RAZOR HANDLE Our reusable, ergonomic handle made with sustainably harvested beechwood, and compatible with the best blades available (Gillette Mach3™).

  • 3-in-1 BAR – Delivers a smooth, close shave. Loaded with 6 botanical oils, moisturizing glycerin, and nothing else. A true multitasker it can replace your body bar and shampoo too.

  • SKIN FUEL– Aftershave, beard oil, whole body moisturizer and hair conditioner too! Nutrient-rich, light plant oil soaks in quickly with fulvic trace minerals, rich in polyphenols, to promotes healthy skin and hair.

  • TIP SHEET – How we extend the life of our razor blades 5x (or more)

  • Clean, vegan, sustainable, toxin free, and natural.

  • TSA compliant | Unisex

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What's inside our Shave Kit

What's inside our Shave Kit


Benefits & details

  • Ergonomic, eco-friendly design – gives you control when shaving and will last for years.

  • Gillette Mach3™ blades are simply the best. Superior quality blades deliver an outstanding shave & stay sharper longer.

  • Works with our smart, simple shaving solution: 3-in-1 Bar + Skin Fuel + Mach3™ blades.

  • Made from sustainably harvested beechwood. FSC certified.

  • Engraved with “Akamai” Hawaiian for intelligent.

  • Compatible with Mach3™ razor cartidges

  • TSA Compliant | Made in China with Fair Labor & Fair Trade practices

Learn more about our Razor Handle »


FSC Certified, Sustainable Beechwood, metal, plastic. Weight is 27 grams (1 ounce) Handle length is 4.75 inches without the cartridge (5.5 inches with) Powered by Nature

3 IN 1 BAR

Benefits & details

  • Delivers a Smooth, Close Shave – rich lather and nourishing oils create slip while soothing skin. Follow up with Skin Fuel.

  • It’s a multi-tool for your bathroom – Wash, shave and shampoo.

  • Super Mild & Non-drying – ideal for all skin types even the most sensitive.

  • Gently Cleans Hair – shampoo in a concentrated form, giving you soft, shiny, hair and healthy scalp.

  • Made with 8 Natural Plant Oils – vegan, free of toxins. No fragrance or harsh detergents.

  • Travel, Outdoor & Camping friendly – biodegradable, natural soap. Unscented.

  • NEW & IMPROVED 85% certified organic ingredients. PLUS RSPO Segregated Palm Oil for increased sustainability.

  • 3.5 oz | Made in USA | TSA Compliant

Learn more about Akamai 3 in 1 BAR »

Full list of ingredients

FULL LIST OF INGREDIENTS: *Saponified RSPO Segregated Palm Oil, *Saponified Coconut Oil, Water, Glycerin, *Shea Butter, *Extra Virgin Cold Pressed Olive Oil, *Jojoba Oil, Sodium Citrate, Argan Oil, Jamaican Black Castor Oil, Natural Vitamin E. (*Certified Organic 85.5%)
Powered by Nature


Benefits & details

  • Supercharged with Trace Minerals/ Fulvic Acid Concentrate to feed your cells and heal your skin.

  • Replaces Multiple Products – face and body moisturizer, aftershave, hair oil & conditioner, beard oil, facial oil cleanser.

  • Concentrated, Light & Non-greasy – absorbs quickly, won’t clog pores, closely matches skin’s oil. A little goes a long way.

  • Moisturizes & Nourishes – loaded with naturally occurring antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and fatty acids, supports skin’s microbiome.

  • Each bottle contains 286 pumps – our 60 day supply gives you approximately 4-5 pumps per day.

  • No fillers, emulsifiers, fragrances, preservatives, or nasty chemicals. Nut-free.

  • 2 oz Glass Bottle | Made in USA | TSA Compliant

Learn more about Akamai SKIN FUEL »

Full list of ingredients

FULL LIST OF INGREDIENTS: Fractionated Coconut Oil (hexane free)*, Golden Jojoba Oil (cold pressed, unrefined)*, Extra Virgin Olive Oil (cold processed and unrefined)*, Argan Oil*, Fulvic Mineral Complex, Rosemary Essential Oil (therapeutic grade). (*Certified Organic 99%)
Powered by Nature

Ditch the chemicals and save $, while reducing waste and complexity.

Slash the money you spend on shaving by 75% or more with our smart system.

Say goodbye to cheap blades & bloated shave club services with our simplified shaving system. The reality is you don’t need new blades every week, or even every month. While popular shave club services like Dollar Shave Club and Harry’s may seem like a bargain, in reality, they cost you plenty over time.

The best blades made

Superior quality blades deliver an outstanding shave & stay sharper longer. Gillette Mach3™ blades are simply the best, and we can teach you how to extend the life by 5x or more. Wondering why a brand like ours would carry a mass product like this? See here

Designed to multitask

Our 3-in-1 Bar is a multi-tool for your bathroom routine. Shampoo, shower and shave – It’s a smart way to reduce products, waste and fuss.

Skin Fuel
– Carefully formulated as an all-purpose, all body, moisturizer for face, body, aftershave, hair conditioner, beard oil and more. Don’t believe the hype (or waste your money) on an array of single-purpose products!

All of our formulated products are made in the USA using a combination of powerful natural ingredients and no nasty chemicals.

Our philosophy is simple – provide well-made, toxin-free, naturally effective products that support your body from the outside in and the inside out.

How to use

Wet your skin and hair with warm water then create smooth-sliding lather with the 3-in-1 Bar, in your hands or directly on your hair/skin. Shave with our ergonomic handle and high-quality blade. Then recondition and soothe skin with Skin Fuel while skin is still damp (for extra moisture). Close shave, healthy skin. Finally, take care of your equipment. Following these simple steps has been shown to dramatically extend a blades life.


  • If you take care of your razors and they should last a long time. The blade and handle should be allowed to air dry. Follow these tips for cleaning your razor blade and it can last 5x longer (or more). That means you can spend 5x less money and 5x less waste ends up in a landfill.

  • Try shaving after taking your shower or bath. Before shaving, allow hair to be softened by hot water. Hot water softens keratin in the hair and allows the razor to do a better job.

  • Take it slow. Shaving produces the most nicks and razor burn when we go fast. Be mindful. Slow down.

  • Read the ingredients on your shaving cream and aftershave. In all likelihood, they are loaded with suspect chemicals. Traditional aftershave products are either antiseptic (hence the burn) and/or loaded with an array of chemicals. Aftershaves often rely heavily on alcohol, which is drying and damaging to skin tissue and can disrupt the microbiome balance of the skin. Akamai Skin Fuel supports and nourishes the skin and its microbiome with natural, nutrient-rich ingredients.

Q: How can I extend the life of my razor blades (50-75 or more uses)?

  1. Start with a high-quality blade, the best we found is Gillette Mach3... (Superior engineering and the highest quality stainless steel blades deliver an outstanding shave while staying sharper longer).

  2. Rinse the blades thoroughly with hot water until clean.

  3. Shake off excess water and tap the back of the cartridge on a towel. You can also blow into the back of the cartridge head to push out water.

  4. Rub the front of the cartridge upward on towel 3-5x.

See our help section for more questions and answers...

SKIN FUEL Sustainability

  1. Glass bottle.

  2. Concentrated.

  3. Replaces multiple products.

  4. Products marketed as “Beard oils”, “Facial oils” “Serums” and “Elixirs” made with similar plant oils can cost 2-3x more — and without the powerful benefits of trace minerals & fulvic acid.

3 IN 1 BAR Sustainability

  • Uncoated paper wrapper made from 100% post consumer waste.

  • 85% certified organic ingredients

  • Biodegradable

RAZOR HANDLE Sustainability

  • According to the New York Times, each year Americans throw away 2 billion disposable razors.

  • Our Razor Handle is made from FSC sustainably harvested beechwood which will last you a long time.

Does your brand check all the boxes?

Does your brand check all the boxes?

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

We stand behind everything we make — investing an enormous amount of time and energy in developing them. If for any reason you are not happy with an item you purchased, you may request a refund or store credit.

Learn more here

Customer Reviews

Based on 300 reviews
Catherine C.

Love these products! Have used several and all high quality and excellent results

Mae R.
Best ever!

I have been using Skin Fuel for many years now. I love the way it feels, the way it absorbs quickly into my skin and leaves my skin feeling soft. I especially love that there are no chemical or sketchy ingredients. Thank you Akamai!

Carla P.
Helpful Oil

I've just begun using Skin Fuel as an evening moisturizer and, on occasion, in the morning during extra cold weather to help protect my skin. Any extra on my hands gets rubbed into the entire hand. It absorbs so nicely and feels great. All I can say at this point is that any dry patches on my face are not to be seen. My skin seems nourished and calmed. I'm fine with the smell of this oil as it is in no way cloying. Plus, I know there is nothing else mixed in just to overpower the powerful ingredients within.

Faith C.
I am an akamai advertisement.

I have body care and adore the softness of the brushes that stimulate without irritation. I have the soap, Skin fuel, and enjoy the fresh feeling of the products. Brushing my teeth is a pleasure since I know my teeth and gums are clean. My hygienist is thrilled with my check ups. I finish by using the floss, and tongue scraper. At least once a week I do an oil pulliing. My mouth feels so fresh after. I am thrilled with everything in your line.

Joanne C.
Skin Fuel

I was given the Skin Fuel as a gift and I'm so thankful I did. It has really helped my dry skin more than anything else I have tried. Not only does it nourish my skin, it also give my skin a healthy glow! Thrilled it is also a clean product!

Skin fuel is great for shaving

Skin Fuel is very good for shaving and I had skin cancer surgery on my face, but now my face is 95% better after
using Skin Fuel twice daily.

Meghan V.
Lovely moisturizer

I have been using the skin fuel for a month or so and it is great. I just use it on my face and it is the perfect moisturizer for me.

Eugene G.
Great product

Great products. I feel safe using them.

Barb B.
Has done amazing wonders for my skin!!

Love love love it!!
Has done amazing wonders for my skin!!
I’ll be purchasing more soon. SUPER GREAT PRODUCT!!
I won’t use anything but your Skin Fuel Oil.
My skin loves it. Feels and looks fantastic !! I can’t believe I found something that works actually for my whole body. 👏👏👏😁❤️

The soap is on bulk order

I keep 10 of the soaps in stock at all times - everyone in our house uses this soap, even the pups! Love that it's non-irritating, and unscented, so no one can complain about the smell. Anytime I don't have to hear complaints as a mom, I keep it around : )