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Our crowdfunding campaign ends September 25. Last chance to become an investor in Akamai!

Here’s your chance to join us as we forge a new normal in the world of personal care. And you can become an investor for as little as $100.

We are calling bullsh*t on the personal care industry, and now you can too.

No more unnecessary products, routines, toxins or suspect ingredients. Join us as we create a clearer, wiser way rooted in simplicity, wellness and rational thinking.

Our crowdfunding campaign is now live!
Plus we’re offering early investor incentives and great investor perks.


Why invest with Akamai?

1 | EXPERIENCE: Nearly identical model to last company, reuseit.com (Inc. 500 fastest growing companies ranked #153 with 300,000 customers. Sold in 2012)

2 | CUSTOMERS LOVE OUR PRODUCTS: healthcare professionals too. 600+ product reviews avg 4.7 out of 5

3 | CLINICAL TRIALS PLANNED: These will support our customer's feedback of oral health issues reversing & skin issues going away.

4 | STRONG PRODUCT PIPELINE: 10 innovative essentials now available. Plans & specifications for 14 additional (3 in production now). Combined 30+ yrs experience developing outstanding products.

5 | SMART BIZ MODEL: We sell consumables everybody needs direct via the web. Customizable subscriptions create reoccurring revenue stream. 80% Gross margins.

6 | MISSION DRIVEN & AUTHENTIC: An unwavering passion & drive to revolutionize personal care for the better. We are fierce rationalists, thinkers & pragmatics walking the walk.

7 | WE CAPITALIZE ON BIG TRENDS: From awareness regarding toxic chemicals and why microbiomes matter, to minimalism, the benefits of organic, sustainably sourced, unrefined plant-based ingredients, e-commerce, holistic medicine & others. We are in the right spot.

8 | MEDIA ATTENTION: Media world is starting to take notice: Men's Journal, Outside Magazine, Guardian, etc.
We are both a Certified B Corporation and 1% for the Planet member. As part of our belief of using business as a force for good, we contribute at least 1% of sales to high impact, environmental and social justice causes. Learn more



While the average is $1,000, you can become an investor for as little as $100!

4 ways you can support our campaign

Doing any of the following would be greatly appreciated!
  • Share what we are doing with your favorite blogger or other media outlet.
  • Share on social media & link to this page — Facebook and LinkedIn are especially valuable. Here's an example post that you could share:

    "Exciting news! A company I love, Akamai Basics https://www.akamaibasics.com, is running an investment crowdfunding campaign. This isn't Kickstarter — you actually get to invest in the company, and participate in their growth. Plus, they are doing a lot of social good by calling out an industry that has been ripping us off, exposing us to a sea of toxic chemicals & creating enormous environmental waste. If you want to try your hand at angel investing for as little as $100, check out their Wefunder campaign here: https://wefunder.com/akamaibasics"

  • Follow our Wefunder campaign — click the "Remind Me" button near the top right of my Wefunder page (this shows traction for our campaign and builds key momentum on Wefunder).
  • Connect us to 1 or 2 people who you think might be interested in investing a larger amount in the campaign (e.g. $5,000 or more).
Enabling customers to become investors in our success has always been something I’ve believed in.

We are also doing a 506c equity raise. If you’re an accredited investor and interested, contact us to learn more.

In wellness and success,

Vince Cobb , Marni Shymkus
Akamai Basics
The new normal in personal care.