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From Our Founders: Invest in Akamai & Help Us Forge a New Normal in Personal Care

Our successful crowdfunding campaign closed in October 2019. Interested in investing privately? Contact us.

Our crowdfunding campaign for Akamai Basics is live (as of May 15th, 2019)! You can invest in our mission for as little as $100! 

We have laid a great foundation with Akamai —and need funding to capitalize on it. We are driven to make Akamai succeed and deliver a strong financial return to you along with the other hundreds of investors.

In just over two weeks we raised $38k. As an early investor and supporter you have a chance to get our attractive "Early Bird Terms" (available for the first $50k invested.) Getting early investment is key to building crowdfunding momentum and ultimate success.


Interested? Go to: https://wefunder.com/akamaibasics to learn about this opportunity and the terms of this offering. Also, all funds are held in escrow until we hit a critical mass of $75k giving investors “safety in numbers”.

Read on for more details...

When most people hear "crowdfunding", they think of Kickstarter, which is basically just a way to pre-order product at a discount. What we are doing allows friends, family, customers, angels & community members to become investors. Crowdfunding is really exciting and revolutionary —like us :)! The JOBS act of 2016 made this possible, and now individuals and growing companies can take advantage of it.


Over the past 12 months, we have achieved some exciting milestones. Here are a few:

  • Grown to 3,500 customers
  • Over 600 customer reviews (avg. 4.7 out of 5)
  • Added 7 products to our site (5 in Q4)
  • 3 additional products are in production now (revolutionary floss, toothbrush & sore muscle balm). With 3 others in the final stages of development.
  • Average order size increased by 46%
  • Last month, Men’s Journal called our 3 in 1 Bar “The Perfect Product”


We will use the same strategies Vince used to grow his last company, reuseit.com, to 300,000 customers and generate $20MM in revenue. Use of funds includes: hiring people, inventory purchases, clinical studies to back powerful testimonials we are hearing re: oral health and eczema/psoriasis, bringing 5 more products to market, and several guerrilla marketing initiatives.


In addition to our crowdfund raise, we are now opening up our $650k equity round to outside investors. Our initial seed round investors got first dibs and invested $170k in this equity round. We have early investor incentives for this equity round too (the next $80k invested gets them). Again, this equity round is in addition to our crowdfunding round which is a revenue share loan. (NOTE: As of May 16th we’ve raised an additional $60k from two investors for a total of $230k)



If you want to learn more about our company, or the crowdfund (or equity) investment opportunities, contact: vcobb@akamaibasics.com


If you're not able to invest financially, you can still support us in the campaign. Doing any one of the following would be greatly appreciated!

  1. Share what we are doing with your favorite blogger or other media outlet.
  2. Share on social media & link to this page — Facebook and LinkedIn are especially valuable. Here's an example post that you could share:

    "Exciting news! A company I love, Akamai Basics
    https://www.akamaibasics.com is running an investment crowdfunding campaign. This isn't Kickstarter — you actually get to invest in the company, and participate in their growth. Plus, they are doing a lot of social good by calling out an industry that has been ripping us off, exposing us to a sea of toxic chemicals & creating enormous environmental waste. If you want to try your hand at angel investing for as little as $100, check out their Wefunder campaign here: https://wefunder.com/akamaibasics"

  3. Follow our Wefunder campaign — click the "Remind Me" button near the top right of our Wefunder page (this shows traction for our campaign and builds key momentum on Wefunder).
  4. Connect us to 1 or 2 people who you think might be interested in investing a larger amount in the campaign (e.g. $5,000 or more).

Thank you so much for giving this your time and consideration!

Remember the great thing about Wefunder is that it allows anyone to become an angel investor in our company for as little as $100!

In wellness,

Vince Cobb & Marni Shymkus
Co-Founders, Akamai Basics